How Technology Will Maximize Your Clients Results and Grow Your Coaching Business Part.2

Written by Clean Health Research & Development Specialist, Stefan Ianev In part 1 of this blog, we looked at the events that led to the creation of the iNutrition Pro (iNP) software. This nutrition platform is now used by some of the top coaches around the globe to create structured and individualized dietary plans for their clients…and all in...

3 Hacks You Can Implement Immediately to Boost Your Fitness Business Profits

Written by Clean Health Master Coach & Assessor Manny Laris Are you a fitness professional or nutrition coach who is tired of trading hours for dollars? There’s a limit to your sanity, right? It’s time to buy back your own time! Let’s look at how you can change all that.  3 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Business Profits  1. Get...

Hypertrophy Mechanisms: Part 2

Written by Stefan Ianev (Clean Health Research & Development Specialist) In part 1 of this article we made an argument for why muscle damage and metabolic stress don’t contribute to hypertrophy, and why mechanical tension is the only direct driver of muscle hypertrophy.  The mechanically induced conformational change of individual muscle...

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