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academic Advisory Board

Established in 2020, the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board was the brainchild of our Founder Daine McDonald, who wanted to bring together a group of the worlds fitness industry leaders to help shape the next decade of fitness industry education for fitness professionals around the world. 

Daine McDonald

Founder of Clean Health

The mission of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board is the following: 

The board meets quarterly to work on projects that help fulfill its mission with the aim of increasing the greater good within the fitness industry globally. 

Meet The Board

Rosemary Marchese

Clean Health Academic Board 

Starting in the fitness industry in 1993 as a 15-year-old completing the 8-day fitness leaders’ course, she brings 27 years of experience as a personal trainer, physiotherapist, educator, course curriculum creator, and commercial business owner, having owned and operated her own successful clinics over the years. 

Rose is one of the leading fitness professionals in Australasia and has taught some of the country’s leading fitness professionals, including our founder Daine McDonald, whom she taught the Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Diploma of Fitness to in 2002-2003. 

 Rose joined Clean Health Fitness Institute in 2019 in her role as Head of Education, where she manages the development, strategy and execution of our course creation across both accredited and non-accredited learning. 

 She is the lead author of the primary Certificate III in Ftness textbook used nationally for personal trainers across Australia titled the Essential Guide to Fitness. 

 She is a qualified physiotherapist, and her certifications include Writing in the Sciences’ presented by Stanford University, Schroth physiotherapy by Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) and the SEAS method under the Italian Spine Institute (ISICO). 

 Rose is currently undertaking a Master of Research at Macquarie University, and has an impressive history in both education and the fitness industry, including: 

 Specialist writer & consultant in the fitness, medical & health space 

  • Leader in multiple roles from presenting, writing, editing, teaching, managing fitness & health courses and curriculum 
  • Expert consultant & technical writer for the AQF national Training Package Review 
  • Editor of Ultra Fit magazine and numerous industry publications  
  • Experience working in multiple RTO’s over a 20-year period 
  • Specialist physiotherapist 

 This is just a sample of the vast experience and knowledge Rose brings to her role at Clean Health, where she’s joined our mission to help revolutionize education in the Fitness Industry as we learn, evolve and grow. 

Layne Norton, PhD

World leading nutritionist & founder of 

Layne Norton is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential health and fitness professionals and forms part of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board.  

He is a scientist, bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, physique coach and overall academic powerhouse who incites both rage and awe from the global fitness industry with his insightful, yet at times controversial communication style.  

 He holds a Bachelor of Biochemistry and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. As an athlete himself, he has had a successful career as both a professional powerlifter, competing at the world championships, and also as a nationally acclaimed pro bodybuilder. 

 He has coached tens of thousands of clients through his online coaching guides, whether general population or elite level physique athletes all the way up top pro, championship level. 

As an educator, he has lectured thousands of fitness professionals around the world  and is known for being able to articulate his highlevel science in a way that personal trainers understand and can take away to implement with their clients immediately!  

His research has been published in multiple scientific journals and he has also been a writer and contributor to numerous publications and media outlets including the Joe Rogan podcast and 

 For more information on Layne, you can follow him via the following channels below: 

  • @biolayne 

Bill Campbell, PhD

Professor of Exercise
Science & Author

Dr. Bill Campbell, Ph.D., FISSN, CSCS, is a Professor of Exercise Science and the Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida and forms part of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board.  

His master’s and doctoral degrees were earned at Baylor University while serving as the Coordinator of the Exercise and Biochemical Nutrition Laboratory. He joined the faculty at USF in the Fall of 2007.  As a researcher and author, Dr. Campbell has published more than 150 scientific papers and abstracts (in academic journals) related to sports nutrition and physique enhancement.  

In addition, he is a paid consultant to professional sport team organizations, sport entertainment corporations, and also is a litigation consultant and expert witness related to dietary supplementation.  

Dr. Campbell has published three books on sports nutrition, including the NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Sports Nutrition: Enhancing Athletic Performance.  

His research is focused on improving exercise performance and enhancing physique through the synergism of resistance exercise, nutrition, and dietary supplements. Dr. Campbell is a fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition where he also currently serves as the organization’s President.  

His current teaching responsibilities include both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of South Florida. Undergraduate courses include: Nutrition for Fitness and Sport, Biomechanics, and Strength & Conditioning.  

Graduate courses include: Advanced Topics in Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition & Metabolism, Cardiovascular Aspects of Exercise Physiology, and Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology. 

For more information on Bill, you can follow him via the following channels below: 


Sebastian Oreb

World leading Strength Coach and founder of the Strength System 

Sebastian Oreb aka The Australian Strength Coach and founder of the Strength System, is an elite level powerlifter and world leading specialist in the field of athletic training and getting athletes strong and forms part of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board. 

Today, he is one of the world’s most sought after strength coaches and has coached multiple world champions in Rugby League, Professional Powerlifting and Strongman such as Thor aka the Mountain from Game of Thrones and Hattie Boydle, WBFF Pro Fitness Model and World champion. 

Sebastian actively competes as a professional powerlifter and is the founder of Base Gym in Sydney, which is one of Australia’s leading performance centres for athletic conditioning and getting people incredibly strong. 


His online coaching guides have been utilized by thousands to get strong and as an educator he has lectured to thousands of personal trainers around the world, teaching his methodology ‘The Strength System’,  which he uses to get his athletes and general population clients strong, healthy, and injury free. 


For more information on Sebastian, you can follow him via the following channels below: 

  • @australianstrengthcoach 

Stefan Ianev

Head of Research
& Development

Stefan Ianev is renowned as one of the world’s leading personal trainers and educators, with almost two decades of fitness industry experience. His qualifications include a Diploma of Fitness, Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Stefan joined the Clean Health team in 2014, he has travelled the world presenting to over 10,000 students personally lecturing on nutrition and training, he also forms part of the Clean Health Academic Advisory Board as our internal technical team contributor.  

 He is currently working on submitting his PhD thesis proposal through the University of Sydney. He plans to examine the relationship between biochemical individuality and structuring tailored and specific diet and training programs to maximize human performance. 

 Stefan is the co-founder of the nutrition coaching software iNutrition Pro and is a specialist in the field of nutrition, body composition and hypertrophy training.  

 He isan experienced bodybuilder and athlete himself, having won numerous natural bodybuilding titles in Australia over the course of his career with the ANB. 

 Over his career Stefan has established himself as an internationally renowned health and fitness expert, as well as an accomplished writer who contributed to numerous publications including Women’s Health, Men’s Muscle and Fitness and many more. 

 Today, as our Head of Research and Development, Stefan plays a pivotal role in the development of our continuing education courses and ensuring that they stay up to date with the latest scientific research. 

 He resides north of Sydney on the Central Coast with his wife and two children.