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Top Training Systems for Fat Loss

By Jade Mckee When working in a fat loss phase with your clients – resistance training is key to getting results. As a general rule – training systems for fat loss will incorporate short rest periods, with increased volume. Keep in mind when programming for fat loss – every. Rep. Counts. Full body workouts, or […]

The Best Body Part Splits

By Stefan Ianev In the last few years body part splits or ‘bro splits’ as they have come to be known, have taken a bit of hit amongst those in the evidence-based community.   The reason for that is because most body part splits train each muscle group directly only once a week. A 2016 review […]

Signs your Client has hit a Plateau

By Kimberley Leggett As humans, we are incredibly adaptive creatures and as such, respond and adapt to different stimulus incredibly quickly. Historically this has been to ensure our survival when faced with threats or danger, however the same principal applies to everyday modern life – even in the gym. By understanding this mechanism and recognising […]

Fundamentals of Rehabilitation

By Jade Mckee If you are working with an athlete who has been injured, they will require rehabilitation to return to their chosen sport again at full capacity. You should encourage your client to seek treatment from a suitable qualified health professional immediately – who will be able to guide and work with you throughout […]

How to Maximize Your Time & Increase Revenue

By Lauren Killey As a coach, you should aim to work ‘smarter not harder.’ This fitness industry is constantly changing, and growing, it is highly saturated with personal trainers, online coaches, the next challenge and the next big thing. If you want to stay ahead, succeed as a personal trainer or build your brand and […]

How to Periodize NEAT to Optimize Results

By Kimberley Leggett When it comes to optimizing a client’s overall health, stimulating progress and preventing any plateaus, we must also consider an often neglected variable – their cardio and NEAT levels.  So what is NEAT?NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the energy used for everything we do when we are not exercising (hence the […]

Negative Adaptations of Dieting

By Lauren Killey “How do you feel?” This is one of the first, and most important, questions you should be asking your clients weekly or daily when they are checking in. Why? When dieting, or eating in a deficit to drop body fat, the body can experience what is known as negative adaptations in response […]

The Fundamentals of Injury Prevention

By Jade Mckee As a fitness professional, it is your role to ensure that your clients are performing optimally – while at the same time making sure appropriate injury prevention strategies are adhered to. What are some of the ways you can help your clients reduce their risk of injury in the gym? Performing an […]

Maximizing Recovery for Sports Athletes

By Jade Mckee Maximizing recovery is important as we need our athletes to be performing optimally, while minimising the risk of injury. We need to: Ensure function has been restored following training and competition Allow for tissue repair Allow for neuromuscular and psychological recovery to take place So, what strategies can we put in place […]

Physiology of Fat Loss

By Lauren Killey Many clients begin their health and fitness journey with the goal of reducing ‘stubborn’ fat or ‘spot-reducing’ to drop fat from particular areas of the body. Though you cannot choose where your client will lose fat, you can use protocols to help with getting rid of stubborn fat. To do this effectively, […]

How to Plan for Stage

By Lauren Killey In the competition world, there is a highly renown expectation that a typical ‘prep’ will take 12 weeks. Whether you are an amateur or pro level competitor, you need to give yourself as long as possible, to prepare for a show. Let’s break it down. The average natural lifter, who has been […]

The Benefits of Carbohydrates Pre and Post Workout

By Lauren Killey Carbohydrates are one of the key macro nutrients (along with protein, fat and to a lesser extent, fibre, water and alcohol). Carbohydrates, in particular, are our body’s primary, preferred energy source. Think of carbs like the petrol that goes into our car – we aren’t going anywhere too quickly, without them. When […]