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Programming Wave Loading For Strength

Written by Kim Leggett (Clean Health Online Master Coach) Wave loading is an extremely popular method for improving maximal and relative strength and power because it is not only effective but it’s fun to do as well. Regardless if your client is looking to peak their strength or power for an event or develop some […]

Are Probiotics Necessary?

Written by Astrid Naranjo (Clean Health Accredited Clinical Dietitian) Probiotics are a trendy topic when it comes to gut health and there’s a lot of misinformation out there.  The term probiotic is derived from the Latin preposition “pro,” which means “for” and the Greek word “biotic” meaning “life”. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the […]

Our Guide To Exceeding In The Fitness Industry

Written by Lauren Irvine Did you know that the global fitness industry is worth nearly $100 billion? (1) While that may seem like a large number, the industry as a whole is made up of some very successful personal trainers – and some who are not so successful. So, what can you do to ensure […]

Hypertrophy Mechanisms: Part 2

Written by Stefan Ianev (Clean Health Research & Development Specialist) In part 1 of this article we made an argument for why muscle damage and metabolic stress don’t contribute to hypertrophy, and why mechanical tension is the only direct driver of muscle hypertrophy.  The mechanically induced conformational change of individual muscle fibers may directly activate […]

Intermittent Fasting: Is It Suitable For Your Client?

Written by Stefan Ianev (Clean Health Research & Development Specialist) The Trends:In recent years there has been a trend shift from consuming smaller, more frequent meals, which most people falsely believed would increase their metabolism, to eating fewer meals over a confined time period. The theory of having fewer meals over a smaller eating window […]

Female Physique Athletes: Myths Busted!

Written by Jade McKee (Clean Health Online Master Coach) A new client has come to work with you. Her goal is to compete, but she has heard some ‘horror stories’ – as she puts it, that are making her second-guess her decision.  As a coach, how do you respond to this? As there are myths floating […]

Explaining Macro, Meso & Microcycles

Written by Kim Leggett (Clean Health Online Master Coach) Macro, Meso and Micro Cycles – what are they? Although the terms sound slightly confusing, they are actually quite straightforward concepts. Before we get into what each term means it is important to note that coaches rarely use these terms in practice; instead the approaches are […]

Is Your Client Drinking Enough Water?

Written by Astrid Naranjo (Clean Health Accredited Clinical Dietitian) Water, like oxygen, is essential for life. Besides, water also performs several other important roles in the human body, including: Maintaining blood volume Transporting glucose and oxygen into your muscles. Serving as a critical component of your brain, blood, muscles, and bones. Aiding digestion of food, […]

Fitness Instructor Vs Personal Trainer

Written by Jade McKee (Clean Health Online Coach) Have you been contemplating making a change? A switch from your 9-5 desk job, into the fitness industry – working each day in an area you are passionate about? The thought of making such a big change in your life can be quite frightening and stressful. Thrive […]

Hypertrophy Mechanisms: Part 1

Written by Stefan Ianev (Clean Health Research & Development Specialist) In 2010, Brad Schoenfeld published a study titled ‘The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy and Their Application to Resistance Training’, which has since become one of the most cited studies on the topic of hypertrophy (1). In the study, Schoenfeld proposed that there are 3 primary […]

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Conducting a Client Nutrition Assessment

Written by Astrid Naranjo (Clean Health Accredited Clinical Dietitian) In many countries, including Australia, there is currently an expectation amongst clients for fitness/PT services to have some level of nutrition service/advice included, particularly with regards to weight management, performance and dietary supplementation. Since this sounds simple to do, asking what your client eats in a […]

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