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By Lauren Killey How do you improve sleep quality and reduce stress during a time of global panic (COVID-19)? With our current world changing, and everyone experiencing a shift into the unknown, we are moving even more from a relaxed (parasympathetic) into a constantly stressed (sympathetic) state. Our mind and body will respond to the […]


By Lauren Killey In a world which has seemingly changed overnight, we are now faced with no gyms, limitations in training and social distancing which has taken a lot of us away from trainers and group classes. We are able to coach, support and educate in the online space; but adjusting to this ‘new world’ […]

Nutrition Q & A with CHFI Global Head of Education, Mark Carroll

As an industry professional we understand the daily trials and tribulations that come with addressing client questions and misconceptions regarding nutrition and their results or performance. CHFI Global Head of Education, Mark Carroll answers 4 quick questions on nutritional mistakes & myths that trainers are faced with everyday in the industry. Q: In your opinion […]

Does the Keto Diet Lead to Faster Fat Loss?

The Ketogenic (keto) diet is widely used around the world and marketed as a diet which leads to superior fat loss over other methods. The exclusion of carbohydrates means the Keto diet is made up of just two macronutrients – protein and mostly fats. Carbohydrates are our bodies “preferred” fuel source – meaning when carbs […]

Cheat meals, Refeeds and Diet Breaks

Know which one to use and when! Being an ‘industry leading’ coach requires many skills. With regards to performance nutrition coaching, counting calories and macros is not enough, it is imperative to understand how, when and why, we implement cheat meals, refeeds and diet breaks into our Clean Heath Fitness Institute client’s nutritional plans. Altering […]

Assigning Training Systems Based On Client Ability

There are so many training systems used in gyms around the world that are fantastic tools to get clients amazing results. However, most coaches fail to understand how to really make these systems work for their clients. Rather than using a training system in a one size fits all capacity, at Clean Health Fitness Institute, […]

5 Common Fat Loss Myths

By Paul Stevenson Over my years of personal training clients I have come across many theories which with practical experience and common sense I have found to be myths. I have found that clients try and get ahead of themselves when embarking on a new fitness regimen. I will get asked all sorts of detailed […]

Lee Ungaro – Testimonial*

Coach: Michal Paus Client: Lee Ungaro Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training Result: Week 1 17. 7% body fat, Lean Mass 40.0 kg | Week 12 body fat 12.9 %Lean Mass 42.0 kg I joined Clean Health in December 2014 because I was looking for a challenge with my training and needing to be pushed a little further.  I've been training on and off for years but was not seeing any change in my body shape. After meeting with Emily and provided with an overview of Clean Health’s vision, facilities and approach I signed up straight away. Michal was…

David Morgan-Smith – Testimonial*

Name: David Morgan-Smith Goal: Compete for first time in Men’s Fitness category at INBA NSW State Titles. Duration: 21 weeks (152 days). Total weight loss: 13.5kg. Coach: Nick Moen. I contacted Clean Health in late April after searching across Sydney for gyms & coaches who specialised in competition preparation/personal transformations.

Nathan Chapman – Testimonial*

Client: Nathan Chapman Coach: Package: 12 week fat loss transformation I’ve been training for about 7 years, however I started to lose my way a bit towards the end of 2012, especially leading up to Christmas and during the holiday period. I was binge drinking most nights, eating crap food or hardly eating at all and rarely getting myself to the gym. I was in the worst shape I had ever been in.

The top 5 keys to a successful 6 week fat loss transformation

Earlier this year CHPC level 3 coach and long time client Jes Murphy told me she needed a goal, with just under 6 weeks to the IFBB Australasian Championships she wanted to step up on stage in the bikini model category and also get a new round of personal shots done for her portfolio. Over the course of the next 6 weeks she went from 57kg body weight down to 55kg, but her lean muscle...

Keesha Booth – Testimonial*

Client: Keesha Booth Coach: Nick Moen Program: 12 Week Online Result: Competed in first fitness model competition! I live in a remote mining town in WA and needed a fitness goal to keep me busy, healthy and happy. I found Clean Health online and decided to take up the 24 weeks challenge to get in shape for my first fitness model challenge in March 2013. I learnt so much from my trainer Nick and over the course of the 24 weeks I have really appreciated the training philosophies and nutrition advice I have received.

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