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Client Interview of the Month – July 2017

Client Name: Julian Client Goal: Fat Loss Results So Far: Julian has been training at The Clean Health Fitness Institute 2 x per week since April, and has reduced his body fat from 22% to 14%! Julian is continuing his training over the next 12 weeks and this results thus far from only weight training and monitored nutrition […]

Alan Romero – Testimonial*

Client: Alan Romero Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: 8 Weeks Bioprint Results: 7% Drop in BF and 2kg Lean Muscle Gain "I am quite familiar with clean health and the results they achieve with their clients, so when I needed a fast result (maximum fat loss and muscle gain in 8 weeks) I knew exactly where to go. I was paired with Stefan and quickly learned what a wealth of knowledge he is in the world of nutrition.

Charles An – Testimonial*

Client: Charles An Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training Results: Lost 17kg Words cannot describe this feeling…. all the glory to God. And many many thanks to my amazing trainer MinUk Kim and Stefan Ianev. Started at 107kg now down to 90kg, losing 17kg in total, in 12weeks. This really changed my life. I’ve learnt so much not only about fitness but life as well. Its all about the “mental”.

David Coyne – Testimonial*

Client: David Coyne Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: Online Personal Training Results: Lost 8% BF and gained 5kg lean mass I first met Stefan in Melbourne while attending the Clean Health Level 1 internship program, (at this point I had been training for about 4 years with some good strength results,without really focusing on body composition, I was also relatively new to the PT industry.) After learning more in those 3 days from Stafan and Daine

Marshal Tan – Testimonial*

Client: Marshal Tan Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: Online Personal Training Results: Lost 10.5% BF and gained 5kg lean mass in 16 weeks "Working with Stefan Ianev was a privilege, during our time working together as he has shown various knowledge in training, supplementation and nutrition, with this he was able to help me re comp my body composition, adding strength and lean mass whilst leaning down at the same time. Constant feedback week to week is taken accounted for the modification of nutrition and training parameters

Talitha Cummins – Testimonial*

Client: Talitha Cummins Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: 12Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training Results: 5.5% Drop in BF and 2kg Lean Muscle Gain Hey Stef. Just wanted to thank you for your guidance and training over the past 3 months. I walked in feeling frustrated, fed up and insecure about my body. I have been unhappy with my body for over 10 years and unable to get into the shape I’ve wanted to. But with your help I have done it!! I cant believe I’m down to 15% body fat.

Lucy Watson – Testimonial*

Client: Lucy Watson Coach: Kylie Gilbert Service: 12Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training I’ve been training with Kylie for 12 weeks so far, and I knew training with Kylie twice a week would push me out of my comfort zone, improve my form and motivate me to stay true to my goal of being better than my 2014 Bikini Competition physique.

Natasha Jones – Testimonial*

Client: Natasha Jones Coach: Kylie Gilbert Service: 12 Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training I began training at Clean Health in late March 2015 through Clean Health’s Bombshell Athletic 12 week program for females with approximately 10 other girls. I had been weight training on and off for a few years beforehand but decided I needed a challenge and some motivation (particularly with my nutrition)! Luckily for me - Kylie Gilbert was assigned as our training coach and I was immediately inspired by her passion for health and fitness and in particular her technical knowledge as a coach.

Nikolett Toth – Testimonial*

Client: Nikolett Toth Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation "Stefan made me realise that I wasn't eating enough to get great results, especially when it came to carbs. Although it was initially a strange concept to eat more carbohydrates, in the end it made me feel better, sleep better and achieve better fat loss results. He also pushed me when it came to my training, which definitely paid off.

Jack Chen – Testimonial*

Client: Jack Chen Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training and Ongoing Results: 10% Drop in BF and 10kg muscle gain I have always been a gym enthusiast and have been training for many years. After many years of training and some results, i felt like i hit a plateau. After consulting and starting training with Stefan, he was able to guide and push me outside my comfort zone to a level my previous doubt and knowledge would never have taken me to.

Matt Walsh – Testimonial*

Client: Matt Walsh Coach: Stefan Ianev Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation Results: Dropped from 10% to 5% BF and gained 2kg Lean Mass Stefan, I wanted to say thank you for all of your help, insight, support and guidance in my training and nutrition in the lead up to my competing. I couldn't have been happier with how my physique was on comp day. We were always taking a gamble with what my body was gonna cope with and react too but you were spot on every time.

Sarah Joy Verne Testimonial*

Coach: Clair Ianev Client: Sarah Joy Verne. Package: 12 weeks Result: 5% BF I've really enjoyed my time so far at clean health I've not just been training, I've been learning. Clair is a wealth of knowledge, she has not only answered all my questions but she has shared a lot of useful information that I can take away and put into practice now that my first comp is done. Our sessions have been really good and she pushes me to the limit.
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