What is TEF and Why is it Important?


TEF or the thermic effect of feeding is the increase in your body’s thermogenesis following a meal. Every time we eat a meal our basal energy expenditure increases due to the cost of digestion. It is for this reason that meal frequency isn’t actually all that important as much as the total calories consumed in […]

How Does Chronic Inflammation Impede Results?

chronic inflammation

Don’t think chronic inflammation has anything to do with why you aren’t achieving your results? Think again. Inflammation can actually be a massive contributor to weight fluctuations as well as a whole host of other grave health issues which, as a coach, you will want to get on top of to help your client be […]

Encouraging Non-scale Goals for Fitness Clients

Written By Clean Health Online Master Coach, Kim Leggett Where has the year gone? We’re already 2 months into a new year – a time in which weight loss goals are at the forefront of many people’s minds (especially our clients!).  Although weight loss is a great goal for many who look to us for […]