How to Set Your Self up for Success in The New Year

With the new year just around the corner… this is when most people’s motivation is at its peak for the year as they aim to embark on their new year’s fitness journey.  Fast forward to late February or March and that motivation has usually started to dwindle and it is not long before they are […]

5 Tips to Take your PT Business to $250,000 plus annually!

Dear personal trainer, It took me eight years of training 50-60 sessions per week before earning over $250,000 in one year as a personal trainer. That year was 2010.  My income went from approx. $200,000 to just over $500,000 in the space of 12 months, as I took up online coaching and started selling solutions […]

5 Tips for portion control

By Stefan Ianev 5 Tips for portion control   Talking about portion control might not be as sexy as talking about all the other diet fads like diet breaks, re-feeds, and mini-cuts, but usually it’s the boring basics that everyone just skims over which make the greatest difference. It doesn’t’ matter how many calories your […]

The 5 Keys to Mastering a 12 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation

By Stefan Ianev The 5 Keys to Mastering a 12 Week Transformation   In this article, we’re going to discuss the 5 key things that are most essential to mastering a 12-week transformation. Not to disappoint you, but we are not going to talk about the latest diet fad or tell you about some secret […]

Your Guide to Master the Art of Coaching

master the art of coaching

By Stefan Ianev Your Guide to Master the Art of Coaching   If you want to master the art of coaching, you need to understand one thing – The results you get as a coach ultimately boil down one key element… client adherence! You can have the perfect training or nutrition plan, but if your […]

3 Tips for Successful Online Nutrition Coaching

online nutrition coaching

By Manny Laris 3 Tips for Successful Online Nutrition Coaching These days it seems everyone is an ‘expert’ when it comes to nutrition. Are you a real expert or just faking your nutrition knowledge? And then, even if you’re up-to-date on the nutrition front, not all personal trainers make it in the online world…. they are just not equipped to become […]

What to Do When Clients Stop Seeing Results

clients stop seeing results

By Manny Laris What to Do When Clients Stop Seeing Results Would you say that most of your clients are trying to lose weight?   If yes, did you know that the typical approach for most coaches is to put their clients on a caloric deficit? I don’t have to tell you that this just ends with some very unhappy, starving […]

Encouraging Non-scale Goals for Fitness Clients

Written By Clean Health Online Master Coach, Kim Leggett Where has the year gone? We’re already 2 months into a new year – a time in which weight loss goals are at the forefront of many people’s minds (especially our clients!).  Although weight loss is a great goal for many who look to us for […]

3 Traits You Should Have To Be An Industry Leading Coach

Written by Clean Health Research & Development Specialist, Stefan Ianev We often get asked by up and coming personal trainers what are our top tips or recommendations for becoming an industry leading personal trainer or coach. After all, considering that the annual turnover rate for personal trainers is around 80-90%, which is not due to […]

Top 3 Keys To Success For Aspiring Personal Trainers

Written by the Founder of Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald One of the very first things we try to impart on all our students who have enrolled into our Master Coach Program, is the importance of becoming a good coach instead of simply being just a stereotypical personal trainer. A personal trainer in my opinion, is […]