Coach Mark Carrolls Tips to Becoming the Best Coach Possible

Learn from industry-leading coach, Mark Carroll on how to become THE best PT you can be! With over 300,000 followers on Instagram and one of the most engaged audiences in the fitness industry globally, Mark is a pioneer in on sharing educational content and monetising his social media by converting followers to customers and clients. […]

Bret Contreras | Episode 6, Season 2 – Industry Leaders Podcast

Season 2 | Episode 6 Bret Contreras, “The Bret Contreras Story & The Journey to Becoming THE “Glute Guy” Rather Listen only? This week in Episode 6, we’re (virtually) heading to Las Vegas to speak to THE “Glute Guy” himself, Bret Contreras.  Bret is a coach, entrepreneur and author with a PhD in Sports Science. He is a internationally renowned strength […]

Exercise Progression & Training Outdoors

Fit man warming up doing squats stretching arms forward outdoors

By Stefan Ianev In previous articles, we have shared how you can make home or outdoor workouts with limited equipment more challenging by applying various loading methods such as doing more reps, slowing down the tempo, resting less, and so forth. However, if someone is limited to 10 lbs dumbbells or some very light bands, […]

Hattie Boydle | Episode 5, Season 2 – Industry Leaders Podcast

This week in Episode 5, we speak to WBFF World Champion, none other than Hattie Boydle herself. We chat to the professional fitness model, entrepreneur, and all round girl-boss about her personal journey to becoming a WBFF World Champion and all of the struggles that she has overcome along the way – to make her passion, […]

When should I start using a weightlifting belt

By Sebastian Oreb AKA The Australian Strength Coach One of the most common questions I get asked is, should I be using a belt and at what stage of my training should I introduce a belt? I will start by saying, no one actually needs to use a weightlifting belt ever if they don’t want […]

5 things you can do today to grow your PT business 

By Stefan Ianev  Building a successful PT business doesn’t necessarily require you to build some elaborate funnel scheme or spend $5-10k on a fancy website.    Many of the students that we privately mentor aren’t experts at marketing and a lot of them don’t even have a website, yet all their books are full, and some of them even have waiting lists.   At the […]