Season 3 | Episode 1 with Astrid Naranjo

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Welcome to season 3 of The Industry Leaders Podcast, where WBFF Pro Maria Birova chats to some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry! This week, we welcome accredited dietitian Astrid Naranjo. Astrid is a Clinician Dietitian and Nutritionist and has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics Practice. She is passionate about strength training and women’s health and has one of the most engaged followings on social media in the nutrition space! Tune in as we speak to Astrid about her philosophy on nutrition as a dietitian and break down some of the biggest myths in the industry! In this episode, you’ll learn:   
  • How Astrid got started in the fitness industry
  • A dietitians approach to fuelling your body for performance
  • The number one error people make when planning their own nutrition
  • If there is a ‘golden split’ when it comes to consuming your macros
  • How much protein you should REALLY be consuming daily
  • What supplements you should be taking
  • How to boost energy with FOOD
  • Hacks for being an incredible nutrition coach
  • Plus, SO much more!
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