Determining the right caloric deficit for your client

Caloric deficit

By Manny Laris  If your client’s goal is to lose weight and achieve an epic transformation, do you think it should be a quick or slow process? If you believe it should be the latter, you might be surprised to know it can sometimes be detrimental to the long-term success of your client. Hear me […]

3 Tips for Successful Online Nutrition Coaching

online nutrition coaching

By Manny Laris These days it seems everyone is an ‘expert’ when it comes to nutrition. Are you a real expert or just faking your nutrition knowledge? And then, even if you’re up-to-date on the nutrition front, not all personal trainers make it in the online world…. they are just not equipped to become successful at online nutrition coaching.   So, what […]

What is TEF and Why is it Important?


TEF or the thermic effect of feeding is the increase in your body’s thermogenesis following a meal. Every time we eat a meal our basal energy expenditure increases due to the cost of digestion. It is for this reason that meal frequency isn’t actually all that important as much as the total calories consumed in […]

How Does Chronic Inflammation Impede Results?

chronic inflammation

Don’t think chronic inflammation has anything to do with why you aren’t achieving your results? Think again. Inflammation can actually be a massive contributor to weight fluctuations as well as a whole host of other grave health issues which, as a coach, you will want to get on top of to help your client be […]

What to Do When Clients Stop Seeing Results

clients stop seeing results

By Manny Laris Would you say that most of your clients are trying to lose weight?   If yes, did you know that the typical approach for most coaches is to put their clients on a caloric deficit? I don’t have to tell you that this just ends with some very unhappy, starving clients. The problem is that it’s not always obvious straight away. […]


Written by Online Clean Health Master Coach Kim Leggett Although International Women’s Day falls on a singular day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world – in all truth, here at Clean Health we believe it has no fixed date. It is truly incredible when you think back on many of the notable […]


Written by Stefan Ianev Adrenal fatigue is a common buzzword, but is it real? The term “adrenal fatigue” has been used by some doctors, healthcare providers, and the general media to describe a so-called condition caused by chronic exposure to stress.   In fact, if you search ‘adrenal fatigue’ on Google, about 13,500,000 search results show up.   According to […]


Written by Online Clean Health Master Coach Kim Leggett Nutrition is often the ‘make or break’ factor in whether or not a client achieves their desired results! This is why understanding some of the ways in which the body works as a coach, can set you apart from being a run-of-the-mill personal trainer. And although […]