Top 5 Tips to Motivate Your Clients

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Written by Lauren Irvine

There’s nothing more exciting for a client than starting a new program with a coach. Motivation is often high in the beginning, with clients determined to hit their goals. But a few weeks in, they may not be getting results as quickly as they thought, or they’re not as enthusiastic about getting up early to complete their training sessions. As their coach, it’s your job to implement strategies to keep your clients compliant and working towards their goals. Here, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips to keep your clients motivated for when they start to lose their fire.


It’s likely your client has come to you with an “end goal”, like losing 10 kg of body fat, or competing in a physique competition, but these goals take time and don’t happen overnight. While tracking weekly progress towards these goals is great, setting up mini goals along the way is a great way to keep your clients motivated, especially when the end goal seems so far away.

If your client’s goal is fat loss, you could set up mini performance goals, like improving their squat by 10kg or increasing the number of pull ups they can do. Performance goals like these can also feel extremely rewarding for both you and your client!


As humans, we love interacting with like-minded people. For your clients, setting up a platform where they can connect with others along a similar journey to share their struggles and celebrate wins is another great way to assist your clients in staying motivated. Secure platforms where groups like this can be created include Facebook and WhatsApp.

You can even start conversations between your clients by posting and asking them to share one win for the week and one thing they want to do better next week. This is a fun way for clients to hold each other accountable.


Thanks to technology, the way coaches can connect with their clients is easier than ever. Utilizing a personal training management app like Trainerize can allow your clients to log their daily workouts and nutrition intake in one user friendly place. They can track their progress via graphs and you can get notified when they complete workouts (or haven’t logged anything in a while), so you can check in and keep them on track!


There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get your clients excited about reaching their goals! Setting up 8-12 week ‘challenges’ that your clients can sign up to, with daily checklists, workouts, nutrition guidance, and community support is another way to get multiple clients motivated at the same time. Additionally, having prizes for the ‘winner’ or top three finishers will create extra motivation for your clients to do their best!


Just like allocating prizes for those who complete a fitness challenge, rewarding your clients when they achieve their goals (big or small) will make them feel good and accomplished, so next time they will remember that feeling and want to try even harder. It’s important to know your client and what they enjoy, so you can tailor a reward to their personality. 

Giving them a voucher to their favorite store or taking them for brunch at the cafe they love will show that you care about celebrating their wins and are invested in their long term success!

Our Master Coach Program will give you the skills and knowledge needed to get your clients amazing results, while keeping them motivated throughout the process!
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