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Software Features

  • Designing Meal Plans
  • Calculating Macros
  • Swapping out foods
  • Tracking client complainces
  • Measuring client results
  • Insurance
  • Tracking Micronutrient intake

Life without iNutrition Pro

  • Design the entire plan yourself...
  • Check macros for every food and fill out the spreadsheets yourself...
  • Manually adjust the plan and recalculate macros and serving sizes for every single change made...
  • Manually fill out and keep track of documents for every single client...
  • Manually measure and track results for every single client...
  • Not eligible for insurance coverage...
  • Unable to track micronutrient intake, increasing the risk of micronutrient deficiencies or excess
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Life with iNutrition Pro

  • Instantly generate customizable plans and templates.
  • Instantly calculate macros from a database of over 480,000 foods.
  • Serving sizes and macros are adjusted for you instantly.
  • Self Sufficient clients updating online - you can easily check any client at any time.
  • Results are immediately visible through online tracking features.
  • When combined with Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 certification, instantly become eligible for dietary insurance coverage.
  • With INP you can track micronutrient intake from food and supplements

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