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  • As part of your career here at Clean Health, we would like to obtain your peer feedback as someone who has worked closely with the above employee.

    This is designed to ensure that the assessment is a fair and objective reflection of their performance.

    Please take five minutes to complete this form.

    Your feedback will be shared with the employee; however, the source of feedback will not necessarily be disclosed – depends on whether you are open to your name being shared and the sensitivity of the issues raised.

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    Understands and is immersed in business
    Demonstrates integrity at all times
    Is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude
    Is a trusted team player
    Wins the trust of clients/peers
    Presents effectively in a compelling manner
    Communicates with reason to achieve a result
    Offers a valued point of view
    Initiate’s ideas and is proactive
    Focuses on achieving results
    Professional (punctual, organized, accessible)
    Ability to multitask and prioritize workload
    Understands and values creative ideas
    Goes well beyond the call of duty or expectations