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Client Name: Julian

Client Goal: Fat Loss

Results So Far: Julian has been training at The Clean Health Fitness Institute 2 x per week since April, and has reduced his body fat from 22% to 14%! Julian is continuing his training over the next 12 weeks and this results thus far from only weight training and monitored nutrition has been an incredible achievement.


CHFI: What do you do for work?

Julian: For work I am a financial planner, that means I advise people on becoming wealthy, I run share portfolios, investments, income streams, we setup insurance plans for people, families and key-persons in business.  We protect people from making poor financial decisions, and I make peoples financial dreams a reality.  I am also a property developer, investor and forex trader.

CHFI: How long have you been training at the Clean Health Fitness Institute?

Julian: My first official day at CHFI was Thursday 6th April 2017 (so I’m fairly new around here).

CHFI: What have been your results thus far?

Julian: The two main results so far is that we have increased muscle by about 10 kilos and reduced fat from 22% to 14%, both of which I feel are amazing accomplishments.  Secondary accomplishments are that we have corrected a muscle imbalance in my legs, and I am able to train without any serious impacts on my back (tends to get a bit sore), or my left shoulder (which is very tight).

CHFI: How has your personal training experience impacted on your over health, and lifestyle?

Julian: It has made small incremental improvements to my overall health.

CHFI: Would you refer your friends/family/colleagues to the Clean Health Fitness Institute and why?

Julian: Yes I would.  The answer to this question lies in the reason why I picked your gym. I picked your gym because you train the trainers in the industry, therefore you must know more about changing the body composition of a client in the shortest possible time. Fortunately this has been my experience.

Editors note: Thank you Julian for providing us an insight into your time so far at The Clean Health Fitness Institute, we are excited to see your progress over the next couple of weeks! Great work!

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