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Christian Thibaudeau

World Leading Strength Coach

Christian Thibaudeau is a world leading Canadian bodybuilder and strength coach with over 20 years industry experience. He initially gained notability in the late 1990s in the online bodybuilding world as a key contributor to the bodybuilding magazine, Iron Magazine Online.

Christian’s passion for the industry has led him to become the senior author and head writer for Testosterone Magazine as well as being an author to three top selling training books, today he is a contributor to T-Nation and a business owner of ThibArmy.


As former Head Strength Coach for the Central Institute for Human Performance in Florida USA, Christian was able to gain vast experience coaching professional athletes from 28 different sports including the MLB, NBA, NFL along with various other Olympic sports.

Additionally, Christian is a pioneer in the development of the Neuro Typing System theory which elaborates on the neurological profiles and how they significantly impact on an athlete’s performance and nutrition.

Over his career he has lectured at conferences and seminars around the world including in the United States and Europe, to audiences ranging from amateur athletes to health professionals and coaches of all types.

Today, Christian Thibaudeau’s education and experience is yours to learn online powered by Clean Health Fitness Institute through the Advanced Program Design certification.


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