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Our Educators

Corey Baldock
Australia's Leading Hypertrophy Expert

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, including working as a personal trainer in the original Clean Health Fitness Institute Sydney CBD gym, Corey has lectured for the Clean Health Fitness Institute since 2015.

Corey is an expert in hypertrophy and body composition transformations for male and female clients, along with athletic performance for strongman and powerlifting. Today, Corey is a reputable contest prep specialist with 5 WBFF Pro Cards and ICN Pro cards in his business, Corey is dedicated to a healthy and rewarding journey to the stage.

Today, Corey runs a successful online business coaching clients from all walks of life including contest prep athletes and general population clients. Mentoring coaches around the globe, Corey presents the face to face ‘Live Events’ at Clean Health Fitness Institute.


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