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Our Team

Lauren Killey
Accredited Copywriter

Lauren Killey has been with The Clean Health Fitness Institute team for over 2 years in multiple roles. Lauren joined Clean Health in 2018 as a Junior Coach. She spent 2018 building her coaching career and education through multiple courses, seminars and mentorship opportunities before being promoted to Senior Coach in 2019 and then to Master Coach in 2020. Lauren has always had a deep love for all things health and fitness related and has spent 7 years in the fitness industry as a fitness competitor, having competed in over 12 shows, earning her Pro status with the WBFF in 2018.

Along with her extensive history in the fitness and competition world, Lauren also has a background in education and writing. In April 2020 Lauren took the initial step to combine her love of fitness with her previous life and second passion of writing, joining the Clean Health Marketing team as Senior Copywriter. Prior to joining our team, Lauren was a high-school English and Drama teacher for 4 years and is certified with her:


  • Bachelor of Arts (Theater/Creative Writing)
  • Master of Secondary Education (English/English Literature/Drama)

Lauren has recently taken an even greater step forward in her education and writing career, moving into her new role as our Accredited Education Copywriter, working with the education IP team to help develop the next industry leading educational experience we will have on offer in the near future!