Frequently Asked Questions

A: Of course! About 20% of our students do this program for their own training and general health. So yes, having prior knowledge training does help, but it isn’t essential! 

A: Short answer – 1) Cheaper per course and 2) speed. You value speed and want to accelerate the learning curve and fast-track your results as a PT or Nutrition Coach. 

Long answer – in seven days, you’ll learn more about personal training, program design, periodisation, nutrition coaching, and implementing holistic lifestyle protocols than most trainers or coaches will earn in an entire career lifespan. 

This 7-day event is a blueprint to success that has been battle-tested in the trenches, so bet on yourself and go for the highest level of education; your career is worth it! 

A: This 7-day workshop is suitable for personal trainers, strength coaches, physiotherapists, allied health professionals, or even those who want to take their own training and results to new heights; there’s something for everyone to learn.

A: This workshop is based on our unique program design methods, designed through a combination of years of real-world experience and the latest scientific research. 

A: The PNC Certification is specifically based on our unique nutrition coaching methods acquired over 250,000 client appointments ourselves as practitioners. These have been designed through years of real-world experience, blended with the latest cutting-edge scientific research. 

It is not a run-of-the-mill nutrition coaching workshop. It’s designed to help you get results immediately whilst ensuring your clients progress safely and effectively. 

A: Yes, it does as a nutritionist to provide dietary advice to the general population. Contact our team directly to organise through our third-party provider NSure. 

A: The PEW workshop is the equivalent of completing 1 of our entire 3 level certifications. However, we have blended this to include training and nutrition, rather than just specialling in one area.  

It’s a start in the right direction, and after this, we recommend specialising in either training or nutrition utilising some of our online courses, which you can find out more about here. 

A: This workshop is 50% practical and 50% theory, and you will train 10-15 times weekly. So, bring a change of training gear at a minimum. You’ll also need a notepad, pen, laptop and whatever else you require at the event.  

Also, our team will provide you with complimentary post-workout shakes at the event from our partners at Trilogy Nutrition. 

A: Of course! On top of that, you also get added to our global trainer directory as a certified Clean Health coach. 

A: Yes, you will receive 10 CEUs with this course. 


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