This workshop combines the Program Design Essentials (PDE) and Program Design Mastery (PDM) workshops across 5-days, giving you a unique, life-changing coaching experience.    

This isn’t dry academia that leaves you questioning how to apply it; instead, you’ll learn the latest science combined with applicable coaching systems that you can use instantly to become an expert in training for fat loss, hypertrophy & sports performance. 

Who Will Benefit

Personal trainers, strength coaches and health nuts seeking to learn how to coach beginner through to advanced level clientele for all goals. 

You will train 10-15 times across the event and be pushed to your limits by our world-renowned coaches, such as Sebastian Oreb, which is essential to you integrating the theory and becoming an expert on the gym floor who practices what you preach. 

How You Will Benefit

the Science of Program Design

PRactical Coaching Tools You Can Use

Master Results with any Client

Network with Industry #GOATs

Learning Outcomes

In this 5-day workshop, you’ll learn the following and much more!

  1. Master the initial consultation, including client pre-screening, personality profiling, specific goal setting and diagnostic to improve client compliance. 
  2. Corrective exercise prescription for posture, functional movement, strength testing, muscle-length testing, lumbopelvic stability, anaerobic capacity & more. 
  3. Structural balance assessment for the lower and upper body extremities for general population clients and athletic populations. 
  4. Core principles of program design for fat loss, strength, performance, and hypertrophy for beginner and intermediate clientele. 
  5. The latest, cutting-edge research in training, sports performance, fat loss, hypertrophy, and how to develop short & long-term training periodised programs. 
  6. Advanced program design for strength development, including the science of strength and methods for increasing strength and power for athletic events. 
  7. Advanced program design for hypertrophy, including the mechanisms of hypertrophy, program design and periodisation for hypertrophy goals. 
  8. Advanced program design for fat loss, including the role of cardio training for fat loss, resistance training for fat loss, and how to prep clients for physique shows. 
  9. Long-term periodisation of fat loss, including the different types of body fat, the physiology of fat loss, the physiology of stubborn body fat, strategies for burning stubborn fat, and periodisation strategies for fat loss. 
  10. Modified strongman training, including programming for different goals, exercise lection, equipment requirements, and program design considerations. 

Assessment Criteria

To become certified as an Advanced Program Design Coach, you’ll need to demonstrate competency across the following…


Multiple Choice Exam


Practical Assessment


Program Case Study

Student Testimonials


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