The Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC) workshop is the premiere nutrition coaching course to blend the latest science with practical, real-world methods to create diets for fat loss, muscle building, sports performance or general wellness. 

Backed by over 1000 peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting the course curriculum, you’ll learn a step-by-step system you can implement on yourself or as a nutrition coaching service to your clients, whether gen pop or advanced level athletes. 

Who Will Benefit

The PNC workshop is a two-day live, in-person certification suitable for personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, allied health professionals or those interested in nutrition seeking to learn the latest science behind designing diets for any goal. 

Whether new to nutrition or a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn the latest evidence-based nutrition principles, combined with real-world, in-the-trenches tools to help you optimise your client’s health, longevity, and performance, no matter their starting point. 

How You Will Benefit

Learn Evidence-Based Nutrition

How to Coach Transformations

Stress Management


Learning Outcomes

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll learn the following and much more!

  1. How to prescribe calorie and macro-specific diet plans based on your client’s current and desired health, wellness, and performance goals. 
  2. How to optimise client results for fat loss, hypertrophy, body composition, athletic preparation and much more using the power of evidence-based nutrition. 
  3. Supplementation for general health and sports performance, including what works, what doesn’t and how to make safe recommendations for your clients. 
  4. The science and application of popular nutrition systems including low carb, moderate carb, high carb, IFFYM, carnivore, fasting and many more! 
  5. Multiple dietary strategies to effectively cycle client nutrition through the week to prevent stagnation, such as carb cycling, zigzag, CKD and more 
  6. How to interpret biological feedback cues from your clients to effectively monitor and adjust their diets to maximise compliance and results. 
  7. How to periodise nutritional plans long-term using liner, undulating and pyramid approaches to create predictable results over 12-, 24- & 52 weeks. 
  8. The science of stress and the latest research on meditation, mindfulness, and other tools you can use to optimise lifestyle and dietary compliance. 
  9. How you can use technology to optimise client results and how to integrate it into your coaching business to save you time and money. 
  10. How to grow a nutrition coaching business from $0 to 6 figures within 12 months, allowing you to create a competitive edge as a health professional. 

Assessment Criteria

To become certified as a Biolayne Nutrition Coach, you’ll need to demonstrate competency across three key areas.


Choice Exam


Hands On Learning & Collaboration with Peers


Case Study

Student Testimonials


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