The Program Design Mastery (PDM) workshop expands on the knowledge taught in our PDE workshop to take your knowledge, coaching skills and ability to get results with your clients to epic levels. 

Periodisation, fat loss, hypertrophy, athletic performance, energy systems, modified strongman training and more are covered to help you create a competitive advantage as a personal trainer or strength coach. 

Who Will Benefit

The PDM workshop is a three-day live, in-person certification suitable for personal trainers, strength coaches and health nuts who seek to learn how to coach beginner through to advanced level clientele for all goals.  

You will train 2-3 times per day at the event and be pushed to your limits by our world-renowned coaches, such as Sebastian Oreb, which is essential to you integrating the theory and becoming an expert on the gym floor who practices what you preach. 

How You Will Benefit

Master Results-Based Programming

Build your Coaching Business

Work with Elite Level Athletes for Any Sport

Network with Fitness Industry Icons

Learning Outcomes

In this 3-day practical workshop, you’ll learn the following and much more! 

  1. Advanced program design for fat loss, including the role of cardio training for fat loss, resistance training for fat loss, and how to prep clients for physique shows. 
  2. Long-term periodisation of fat loss, including energy system training, the physiology of fat loss, strategies for burning stubborn fat, and periodisation. 
  3. Advanced program design for hypertrophy, including the mechanisms of hypertrophy, manipulation of training variables, program design and periodisation. 
  4. Advanced program design for strength development, including training methods for increasing strength and power for multiple strength sports and athletic events. 
  5. Modified strongman training, including programming for different goals, strongman movements, variations and program design considerations. 

Assessment Criteria

To become certified as a Biolayne Nutrition Coach, you’ll need to demonstrate competency across three key areas.


Multiple Choice Exam


Practical Assessment


Programming Case Study

Student Testimonials


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