The Science of Nutrition (TSN) Workshop is for personal trainers, nutritionists, or health enthusiasts who want to transform their physiques or clients from the inside out. 

In it, you’ll learn the latest scientific research on creating diets for fat loss, muscle building, and sports performance from a fitness industry icon, Layne Norton, PhD. 

Who Will Benefit

In this intensive, 2-day nutrition coaching workshop, you’ll learn about macronutrients, energy balance, the physiology of fat loss, behavioural change, supplements and much more. 

You’ll learn the latest dietary advice designed to optimise fat loss, hypertrophy and performance with gen pop clients and physique athletes. 

How You Will Benefit

Learn Evidence-Based Nutrition

Learn how to Coach Results

Learn All About Supplements

Network with Industry Experts

Learning Outcomes

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll learn the following and much more!

  1. Macronutrient fundamentals, where you’ll learn the science of the macronutrients and how they impact fat loss, hypertrophy, and performance. 
  2. The science of energy balance and how it can impact all body composition goals, client mental health and overall wellness.  
  3. The science of fat loss and how to prescribe results focused on diet plans for fat loss, when to re-feed, when to diet break, and the science behind it all. 
  4. The science of compliance, where you’ll learn how to create a compliant coaching environment dependent on client physiology and overall psychology. 
  5. Evidence-based supplementation for gen pop clients and physique athletes, what to use and when to use them safely and effectively. 

Assessment Criteria

To become certified as a Biolayne Nutrition Coach, you’ll need to demonstrate competency across three key areas.


Choice Exam


Practical Case


Case Study

Student Testimonials


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