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The Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation Program For Women

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What Will You Learn?

1. Lifestyle

Understanding the importance of Stress and Sleep and its impact on your mental fitness and overall health

2. Nutrition

Understanding how to eat right for fat loss in a way that doesn’t cause you to starve or rebound post program

3. Training

Understanding how to train right for fat loss that doesn’t involve countless hours of cardio!

Sounds Like You?

Well, here is a small example of some of the women we have helped. These women were in your shoes at point in time and have now transformed their life’s through my coaching methods.

About Author

Maria Birova

I am 21 years old, have been in the fitness industry for 5 years and started working out at 16! I am originally from Bulgaria but have been raised in Chicago, USA where I live today.

At 18, I competed in my first powerlifting completion. At 20, I became one of the youngest WBFF pro bikini models in the world, all whilst working as an in-person personal trainer and online coach, locally in Chicago.

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