About Our RTO 40538

In 2016, we received an Australian government mandate through the Australian Skills & Quality Authority (ASQA), to legally be able to certify people as personal trainers.  

 Being able to provide accredited fitness education has always been a mission of ours, as it allows us to get to you, the fitness professional right at the beginning of your journey and make sure you’re only learning up to date information that will be relevant to you in your career. 

 After all, we pride ourselves on our courses being by the trainers and for the trainers. 

Since launching this to our businesin 2016, weve expanded our accredited education offerings to include diploma level qualifications. You can get more information by clicking any of the sections below. 

3. Diploma in
Physique Coaching
(Late 2021 release)

4. Advanced Diploma in Performance Nutrition
(Late 2021 release)


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