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Established in 2008, Clean Health is considered Australia’s leading fitness education platforms. 
Our course curriculum is created by some of the best in the world including the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), world-renowned nutrition scientist, Layne Norton PhD, leading sports and exercise professor, Bill Campbell PhD, Stefan Ianev, the world most in-demand strength coach, Sebastian Oreb, and our founder, Daine McDonald. 
Clean Health is a world leading educator of fitness professionals and is 100% online! 

Why this guide book?

We have created this guidebook as a reference tool to show you how we have nurtured and managed over 30,000 individual online coaching clients at Clean Health from around the world since 2010. 

 Over the years, we have found that an educated client is a result focused client. The more they know, the easier it is to get a result from their personal training program. 

We recommend you use a similar framework for your own clients to assist them in achieving the best possible outcome! 

Is this guide for me?

What's Included?

An Industry Leading resource

You’ll get access to 60+ pages of content complete with training and nutrition guidelines, metholodgies for client compliance and hacks for optimising your digital presence!


You’ll gain access to templates to deliver a personalised online coaching program for clients around the world, complete with pricing strategies and more!


Unlock how your clients can optimise the results from your training programs with our nutritional fundamentals. You’ll learn how to calculate energy balance, prescribe macros and more!


You’ll learn how to keep clients motivated with our tried and tested lifestyle hacks, you’ll unlock tips and tricks to optimise your clients sleep, recovery and mindset!


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