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Client: Lucy Watson
Coach: Kylie Gilbert
Service: 12 Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training

I’ve been training with Kylie for 12 weeks so far, and I knew training with Kylie twice a week would push me out of my comfort zone, improve my form and motivate me to stay true to my goal of being better than my 2014 Bikini Competition physique.

Kylie gives excellent teaching points throughout every set helping me get the most out of every rep. She’s professional, knowledgeable, friendly & approachable which makes her a great coach. I had a tough week halfway through and didn’t realise how many things I was piling onto myself as well as Comp Prep, through asking me various questions Kylie managed to get out of me what was going on in my head, and she gave me some great advice which alleviated all that stress. Kylie handled my tears on the bench amazingly! It’s not just during the training sessions that Kylie offers support, it’s also outside of the sessions to check in with me. She goes above & beyond for her clients.

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