NineMSN Debate: Cardio vs weights – Which is better for weight loss… don’t you mean fat loss!?!

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The other week I was asked to contribute a small piece on NineMSN’s Health & Wellbeing site on what I thought was the best training modality for optimal health and fat loss. My clients and those who know me know I am a big proponent of weight training for a variety of reasons – one of them being that it is the main tool I utilise with myself and my clients to bring about fat loss – so you should find this article interesting.

However just to reiterate my stance on the whole weights versus cardio debate. I don’t believe that one should avoid cardio training all together. Depending on your somatic body type, genetic make up and other factors it can be a useful tool in assistance with a resistance training program to attain results in the gym… I just don’t believe it should make up the bulk of your exercise regime.

One thing I do find very sad is just how many Dietitians, GP’s and personal trainers out there are still all so caught up on the term “weight loss” – it should not be about that! Sadly many people still think that losing “weight” is the healthiest marker of getting into shape. Losing weight does not tell the whole story. A better option is to get a DEXAscan or BioSignature assessment done to calculate your body fat %… a much healthier results marker than just jumping on a set of scales or calculating your BMI.

Anyway read on: Cardio vs Weights: Which is better for weight loss?

Cardio vs Weights Which is Better?

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