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Continue to build your best bikini body as you create shapes training with the methods that have created elite level bikini pro athletes! Keep the momentum from “Building the Bikini Body” with Coach Mark Carroll and get weeks 13-24 of your training program NOW



  • Week 13-24 of the Bikini Body training program
  • Step by step guide to calculating your calories & macros for your goal
  • Mark’s methods for ‘flexible dieting’ and a sustainable bikini body lifestyle
  • Guidance to diet breaks & refeeds to prime the body for fat loss and promote a lean physique
  • Mark Carroll’s coaching cues for the ‘Big 3’ upper body and lower body lifts.

No restrictive diets! 


“All of my best clients have trained with me for 6 months plus! Now you can too.” – Coach Mark Carroll


Tailor your training and nutrition program with Mark Carroll’s guidance to achieve your health & fitness goals!


This 12 weeks program is for you if you want:

  • More advanced exercise selection
  • Periodised for progression from Building the Bikini Body 1.0
  • To make progress far beyond your current state
  • To build a body from sustainable habits

 Please Note:  This product is only to be used in conjunction with Building Bikini Body 1.0

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