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Master Personal Trainer Program™

The Most Complete Nutrition and Personal Training Qualification on the market today

Upfront:AUD $6,997 AUD $4,898


Weekly Payment Plan

Now: AUD $161/ Week  AUD $112.7

Upfront:  AUD $6,997AUD $4,898

Weekly payment plan over 52 weeks
AUD $161 / Week AUD $112.7 / Week

Course Overview

The Clean Health Master Personal Trainer Program™ (CHMPT ™) is the most advanced personal training qualification in the world today.

If you enrol, you’ll not only become a qualified PT and learn everything there is to know about effective coaching. You will become a leader in your field.

Program Inclusions


1. Pre-requisites of SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

2. SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)


3. Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (Nutrition Coach)

4. Performance Nutrition Coach Level 2 (Advanced Nutrition Coach)

5. Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3 (Advanced Nutrition Coach)

6. Performance PT Coach Level 1 (High Performance Trainer)

7. Performance PT Coach Level 2 (Elite Performance Trainer)

8. Performance PT Coach Level 3 (Advanced Performance Trainer)

9. Strength SystemInternational Certification Level 1 (Beginner Strength Coach)

10. Advanced Nutrition for Fat Loss (Advanced Nutrition Coaching)

Coaching Software

11. iNutrition Pro Software 6-month subscription with insurance coverage*

*Please note, insurance fees are at an additional charge depending on your requirements and personal circumstances

Program Modules

Your CHMPT ™ program contains an information packed 82 modules of learning across 10 courses.
Our interactive and engaging online learning portal is designed to make your student experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun!
So, are you ready to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable career today?

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“I highly recommend Clean Health to anyone that is wanting to start out in the fitness industry or is already in the fitness industry wanting to learn more.”

Lauren Simpson
Clean Health Graduate & WBFF Pro Bikini Pro World Champion

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