Achieve the Body of your Dreams & Lose Body Fat with the Ultimate ‘Fit Girl Guide’ from WBFF Pro Maria Birova

Maria Birova’s Fit Girl Guide is the ultimate fat loss transformation program for women, and best of all, it is delivered 100% online. 

Are you tired of putting all the effort into the gym and not getting back anything in return? Are you unsure where to start and need to find a safe, reliable, and evidence-based approach to getting into the best shape of your life? 

For less than the cost of one personal training session, you can achieve life-changing results healthily and sustainably anywhere in the world! 

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Maria Birova’s ‘Fit Girl Guide’ Helps You Achieve Transformations Like THESE In as Little As 84 Days 👇

Having Total Confidence in The Way You Look Is an Amazing Feeling, Now, It’s Your Turn!

  • Are you a woman between the age of 16-40 and want to get into the best shape of your life? 
  • Are you new to the gym – and don’t know where to start when it comes to your fat loss journey? 
  • Are you already in decent shape but want to sharpen up your bikini body heading into summer? 
  • Are you a mum or career woman trying to juggle it all? Do you want some clarity so that when you put time into your health and fitness… you get results? 

Then, this online coaching program is for you! 

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions…

Are you unhappy with your physique? You know you can look and feel better, but you don’t know where to start with the gym, diet plans or anything else.

Do you want to build more lean muscle? You’re working towards your ideal body, but you’re unsure how to combine workouts with nutrition effectively.

Have you tried to shed fat and failed? You keep pounding the treadmill, but the pounds just never seem to drop off, however hard you seem to be trying. 

Are you stuck in a plateau with fitness? You’re committed to your goals but just feel demotivated and exhausted with the lack of progress and actual results. 

If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of the above, you’re in the right place…

USD $43.50

Meet Your Mentor Who Can Finally Deliver The Body Image Results You’ve Been Dreaming of For All These Years…

I have been in the fitness industry for almost a decade and am originally from Bulgaria but raised in Chicago, USA, where I live today. 

At 18, I competed in my first powerlifting completion. At 20, I became one of the youngest WBFF pro bikini models globally, working as an in-person personal trainer and online coach locally in Chicago. 

Today, my specialty is fat loss for women, and in this guide, I know you will get just that! 


The ‘Fit Girl Guide’ From WBFF Pro Maria Birova The Ultimate Fat Loss Transformation Program for Women

In my ‘Fit Girl Guide’ fat loss guidebook for women, I will teach you my three critical pillars to fat loss success to ensure you get the result you after. 

These include: 

  1. Lifestyle – Understanding the importance of Stress and Sleep and their impact on your mental fitness and overall health 
  2. Nutrition – Understanding how to eat right for fat loss in a way that doesn’t cause you to starve or rebound post-program 
  3. Training – Understanding how to train right for fat loss that doesn’t involve countless hours of cardio! 

This guidebook will help cover the variables most of you either don’t bother with or simply lack the understanding of how crucial they are in achieving the life-changing results you are after.  

USD $43.50

The ‘Fit Girl Guide’ Is Your 12 Week, Evidence-Based Blueprint for Fat Loss

For the first time in her professional career, Master Coach and WBFF Pro Maria Birova have shared a fail-proof blueprint for achieving your ultimate body. 

This guide helps you simply build your ultimate physique – without the stress and complex workouts you might be used to. It breaks down the essential rules you need to follow and makes body transformation straightforward (even enjoyable!) 


7x 12-Week Training Programs

Whether you’re a beginner working out from home or an advanced trainer building your physique at a commercial gym, you’ll get unlock training programs that allow you to train at home with minimal equipment – or in the gym.  

Exercise Video & Coaching Library

Imagine having a coach in your pocket! Every exercise in the Fit Girl Guide comes complete with an instructional video showcasing how to perform each movement correctly. Maria talks you through the cues for each exercise to allow you to train effectively and efficiently.

The Fit Girl Guide nutrition guidelines

Getting into great shape is about more than just what you do in the gym – it’s also about the food you eat! In this guide, you’ll learn helpful info about optimal nutrition to help you structure your meals to achieve your best body ever! 

Lifestyle hacks from a WBFF Pro

You will learn the secrets of a WBFF Pro, ensuring you live a happy and healthy life – both inside and out! Learn how to optimise your recovery, rest days, sleep and reset your mindset to start living your best life today. 

USD $43.50

What will I get in this guide?

Knowledge is power, and because I love sharing information to help you, this guidebook is over 70 pages, and it will teach you five key points that will maximise your fat loss transformation in just 12 weeks: 

  1. The importance of sleep and stress management, along with crucial protocols you can apply today, to get results immediately! 
  2. 12-week step by step diet plan, which includes a complete system for you to follow, no matter what stage of your fat loss journey you are on. 
  3. My recommended food choices make the journey easier for you so that you aren’t second-guessing what you can and cannot eat. 
  4. A complete step by step 12-week training program for both home and commercial gyms. So, whether you are in lockdown or can go to a commercial gym, I have you covered! 
  5. Mental fitness hacks to optimise your emotional health and well-being. 
USD $43.50

Once You’re In, You’ll See All of These Incredible Benefits & More!

Are You Ready to Become a Fit Girl?

The Ultimate Fit Girl Guide’ is a proven, evidence-based way of shedding fat, building muscle, and finally achieving the body confidence you deserve.  
Truly embody becoming a Fit Girl with everything from nutritional guidance, training plans and mindset hacks… 
If you want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and feel amazing  now’s the time to make it happen! 

USD $43.50