The Build Your Ultimate Life Online Program

Discover How to Use the “4S Method” That’s Generated $60,000,000+ in the Fitness Industry to Set Up, Systemise, Sell & Scale Your Personal Training Business…

…So that you can finally experience the dream life that you have always wanted!


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What if I Told You that You Could Escape the Never-Ending Loop of Trading Your Time doing 1 to 1 or virtual PT for Money…?

…And in the process, you could scale your business to create a more balanced and purposeful life of your dreams.

A life where you wake up happy, content, doing what you love whilst getting paid to do it.

Better yet…

It doesn’t matter whether you are an online personal trainer, in-person personal trainer, group exercise instructor, gym owner or a combination of all the above.

Nor does it matter if you have been in the fitness industry for 20 days, 20 years, or just starting out.

All that is required is that you have…


Come to the realisation that trading your time for money will never give you the dream life that you want


You are willing to take maximum action and finally do something about it

Find yourself nodding in agreement?

(Maybe even yelling YES at your screen…) 

Then I want to show you how you can build your ultimate life, using your personal training or fitness business as a tool for freedom of choice and a nicer lifestyle.  

We will do this using the same systems I have used to generate $60,000,000+ in sales as a personal trainer, gym owner and fitness educator over the last 20 years, all whilst being a husband, father of 6 and avid health and fitness nut. 

But before I get to that… 

Here Are a Few Things I Believe…
(Maybe you can relate?)

1. Helping people with their health and fitness is a fundamental core process that can help people from all walks of life live their best life!

2. Money is only one piece of the puzzle, and you can’t be successful without your mental and physical health. 

3. True fulfilment is better built across optimising our family time, personal relationships, mindset, physical health, and business together – not separate! 

4. Spirituality and materialism can naturally co-exist.

5. Financial independence gives you greater in life.

What it All Boils Down to are Three Common Goals that I Sense You Have too… Health, Happiness and Financial Freedom

That’s what living my Ultimate Life means for me… 

Performance Nutrition

Hi, I'm Daine...

You likely know of me as the Founder of Clean Health, and over the last 15 years, my fitness businesses have generated over $60,000,000 in sales both online and in the real world.

With this exclusive, nationally-recognised program, you get everything you need to become a nutrition coach. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned decades of industry knowledge and nutrition experience from our world-class educators.

The PNC certification integrates years of expert personal training experience with the latest cutting-edge science in the field of nutrition and physical wellbeing.

The result? A comprehensive nutrition coaching certification that allows you to thrive as a nutrition coach, creating world-leading results with personal training clients and athletes for fat loss, hypertrophy, sports performance, well-being, and more.

The Most In-Depth Nutrition Coaching
Certification In The World!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In CHPNC1…

Module 1: The Obesity Epidemic (CHPNC11)

Build a stronger foundation for your nutritional advice, as you develop a skilled understanding of obesity as a condition, and its causes, implications and remedies.

Module 2: The Art of Nutrition Coaching (CHPNC12)

With an understanding of consultation styles, goal setting and training techniques, you can connect with your clients more deeply and deliver a superior service.

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Macronutrients (CHPNC13)

Learn the science behind the macronutrients, including in-depth look at your proteins, carbs, fats, water and how they affect the body depending on the client.

Module 4: Base Nutritional Program Design (CHPNC14)

Discover how to design scientifically-grounded nutrition and diet programs safely and effectively. Maximize your own client results with a tried and tested system.

Module 5: Understanding Popular Nutrition Systems (CHPNC15)

Explore and break down each nutritional system so you know when or when not to apply them depending on client physiology, goals and overall psychology.

Module 6: The Art of Nutritional Periodization (CHPNC16)

Learn the Zig-Zag cycle, micro-cycles, macro-cycles, undulating periodization and how to structure diets over multiple different time periods to maximize client goals.

Module 7: Understanding Micronutrients (CHPNC17)

Find out more about the science behind micronutrients – including what they are, how they work and how they influence client results at a cellular level.

Module 8: Building your Nutrition Coaching Business (CHPNC18)

Get insight into how you can effectively coach your clients as a nutrition coach, not just a ‘trainer’, which will give you the tools you need to improve client retention.

Discover Our Innovative and
Informative Learning Experience!

Check Out a Lesson Sample…

Clean Health Is One of The World's
Top Fitness Industry Educators

Here’s Why So Many People Choose Our Courses…

More than anything, you need to feel as if your chosen program is going to ensure your success as a fitness professional for the long term. With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career in fitness and nutrition.

Advance beyond the base level of knowledge most courses provide and receive the tools and skills you need to become an industry-leading PT who adds real value to your clients through nutrition advice and coaching.

Here’s Everything You’ll Have
Access to When You Enrol Today:

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If You Want To Go Beyond The Fundamentals of Nutritional Science, The Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC) Complete Certification Could Be An Even Better Option For You!

While Performance Nutrition Coach Level One teaches you the core knowledge behind dietary program design, nutrition systems and periodisation – the PNC complete certification gives you everything you need to succeed as a nutrition coach across the world. You get access to Performance Nutrition Coach Level One, Two and Three.

If you want to learn ALL there is to know about nutrition, you might find it useful to go for the full package!

Performance Nutrition
Coach L1


Nutritional science fundamentals

Nutritional program design

The basics of nutrition coaching

Performance Nutrition
Coach Bundle


Advanced nutritional science

Base nutritional program design

Expert nutrition coach training

Optimising client health and HPL

Understanding lab analysis

Science of behavioural change

So much more!

By Joining CHPNC1 Today, You Can Take The Next Step On The Ladder When It Comes To Your Fitness Career

In this course, we give you the fundamental information, knowledge and insight you need to become a successful nutrition coach and a leader in the field of fitness.