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Unlock Everything You Need To Become an Industry-Leading Personal Trainer With Advanced Fitness Knowledge

Improve your coaching techniques, scale your fitness business and learn everything there is to know about personal training with the online Performance PT Coach (PPT) Complete Certification from Clean Health.

Giving you access to PPT Levels 1, 2 and 3, this complete certification takes your skill set as a personal to new heights and teaches you how to achieve incredible client transformations that make a lifelong, positive impact on their overall health.

With 360+ lessons in one accessible package, this is your one-stop-shop to thrive as a personal trainer and learn all the information needed to succeed in the industry.



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“I highly recommend Clean Health to anyone that is wanting to start out in the fitness industry or is already in the fitness industry wanting to learn more.”

Lauren Simpson

Clean Health Graduate & WBFF Pro
Bikini Pro World Champion


Really Good Course

Really good course. Not too technically worded. The short videos helped as well with lots of diagrams and explanations. I looked forward to doing a bit each day.

Amazing Course

Amazing course! Top information quality. This course is very useful for personal trainer and strength coach. A must for everyone in the fitness industry.


Really Good Course

Really good course. Not too technically worded. The short videos helped as well with lots of diagrams and explanations. I looked forward to doing a bit each day.

Really Good Course

Really good course. Not too technically worded. The short videos helped as well with lots of diagrams and explanations. I looked forward to doing a bit each day.

Grow As a Personal Trainer, Become a Leader In The Field of Fitness & Build a Profitable Business You Can Be Proud of!


One of the first lessons we give to all our students is the importance of delivering more than just the basics when it comes to your career as a personal trainer.

Sure, you’ve got your core qualifications, but actually going the extra mile for your clients is a paramount point of difference. Learning more about consultations, program design and more makes it more likely you’ll deliver truly impactful results.

Question is, where do you start – and how can you equip yourself with the training you need to enhance your offer and deliver world-class results?

At Clean Health, we make the pathway to becoming a leader in the field of fitness and personal training a whole lot clearer. With our team of world class coaches by your side, you know you’re getting comprehensive training that sets you up for success. This is support from a trusted training provider that you can always count on!

Get all the knowledge you need to excel as a personal trainer

Complete PPT Levels 1, 2 and 3, covering 16 personal training modules

Learn from some of the world’s most respected fitness coaches

Access and finish modules online from the comfort of your own home

Certify in your own time and get access to 360+ course lessons for up to 24 months

Our Online Performance PT Coach Program Complete Certification Is The Key To Becoming The Best Coach You Can Possibly Be!

By qualifying as a personal trainer, you’ve ticked all the boxes that allow you to offer PT services to your clients. But we believe that making a real, measurable and long-term impact on your clients comes down to additional knowledge. To truly succeed as a PT and build your own profitable fitness business, you need to go a step beyond the core qualifications. In a highly-competitive industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself in the eyes of potential clients. Clean Health is the provider that can help you… Clean Health is the provider that can help you…

Thrive as an industry-leading personal trainer

Separate yourself from the pack and get certified in the PT space. Go beyond the core requirements as a fitness professional and help your clients change their lives for the better, for good, through a wealth of additional knowledge and experience.

Enhance your current offer

Take your passion for health, fitness and nutrition
and combine them into one powerful offer. Learn
everything you need to know about nutrition in a
way that builds a meaningful career and helps
people achieve their health and fitness goals

Control your time and money

Build a more stable, reliable career that gives you
total financial and personal freedom. Use your
nutrition qualification to work with higher-profile
clients on a holistic basis. Scale your business (and
your prices!) as you gain more experience.

Change lives for the better

Make a genuinely positive impact on the people you
work with. Share your nutrition knowledge and
expertise to take your clients from where they are to
where they want to be. Watch their transformation
and know that you played a huge part.

Become a recognised fitness leader

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most popular
personal trainers and build your own brand in the
fitness industry. Combine your qualifications and
certifications with your love of health to become a go-to expert in the field of physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!


The Performance PT Coach Complete Certification

PPT Levels 1, 2 & 3 In An Easy-To-Access Package

With this exclusive, nationally-recognised selection of programs, you get everything you need to become a better personal trainer and enhance your offer in the future. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned decades of industry knowledge and fitness experience from our world-class coaches – and you’ll know exactly how to implement it into your own business in a way that drives success for your clients.

With these three courses, you can go from the fundamentals of personal training right the way through to advanced strategies for improving client performance. You’ll cover everything from foundational program design and handling consultations to peaking clients for photoshoots and using applied muscle testing.

PPT Levels 1, 2 & 3 Are So Much More Than Just a Certification...

We saw that most personal training courses were often nothing more than box-ticking exercises – and they didn’t give you a pathway to become an effective PT. That’s why we created this complete certification of programs, designed to help you take the next logical step in your PT career and offer something more to your clients.

More than anything, we arm you with the knowledge you need to deliver consistently outstanding results for general population and elite level clients.

With more than 360 lessons spread out over 16 action-packed modules – all based on 1,000+ peer reviewed studies – our interactive and engaging online learning portal makes your student education experience results driven and enjoyable!


Get Instant Online Access To 360+ Lessons That Contain Some of The Best Online Evidence-Based Personal Trainer Techniques!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In This Complete Certification…

Performance PT Coach Level 1

Learn how to set your clients up for success from day one with an in-depth

assessment process. Understand how to prescribe corrective exercise for both prehab and rehab and build customised training programs for clients of all levels, genders and backgrounds. Discover how to master 100+ key strength exercises that are crucial to developing specific, tailored and results-orientated programs.

Module 1: The Initial Consultation (CHPPT11)

Learn how to pre-screen and assess client personality to tailor your coaching style. Effectively set goals and conduct measurement diagnostics to optimise results.

Module 2: Basic Structural Assessment (CHPPT12)

Understand postural analysis and functional movement screening, muscle strength and length testing. Assess client lumbo-pelvic stability and anaerobic capacity.

Module 3: Corrective Exercise Prescription (CHPPT13)

Find out how to conduct effective warmups for clients as well as self-myofascial release and stretching techniques. Learn muscle activation techniques.

Module 4: Fundamentals of Program Design (CHPPT14)

Understand type of contractions, intensity and tempo relevance for all training goals while learning to prescribe training sessions based on evidence and client targets.

Module 5: Exercise Technique Mastery (CHPPT15)

Learn how, when and why to apply exercise execution for all parts of the body including chest, shoulders, arms, back, biceps, quads, abs, calves and more.

Performance PT Coach Level 2

Learn advanced program design and periodization strategies to help clients with fat loss, hypertrophy, strength, rehab and more! Learn advanced cardiovascular methods that maximise fat loss for clients, giving you a unique and dynamic skill set as a results-driven PT. Learn 50+ training systems and templates that you can plug and play into your fitness business to streamline processes and overall results.

Module 1: Advanced Program Design for Strength (CHPPT21)

Learn about types of strength and when they’re used. Understand factors affecting strength development and how to prescribe advanced methods for performance.

Module 2: Advanced Program Design for Hypertrophy (CHPPT22)

Learn about different types of hypertrophy and when to apply them.

Discover how to prescribe various training systems to maximize hypertrophy.

Module 3: Advanced Program Design for Fat Loss (CHPPT23)

Understand and prescribe safe, effective resistance training for fat loss. Discover how to prescribe various training systems and periodised programs to maximize results.

Module 4: Energy Systems Training for Fat Loss (CHPPT24)

Understand the physiology of fat loss, adrenoreceptors and how to remove stubborn body fat. Prescribe various training systems to enhance energy systems training.

Module 5: Modified Strongman Training (CHPPT25)

Understand scientific and practical based concepts of strongman training, as well as the benefits of strongman training for fat loss, hypertrophy and performance.

Performance PT Coach Level 3*

Discover advanced methods to assess, strengthen and instantly increase mobility, flexibility and strength for your clients. Learn cutting edge, evidence-based periodisation modalities that can be used to revolutionise your results for physique athletes, strength athletes and more. Become a globally-recognised results producer by understanding how to peak clients for transformation shoots.

Module 1: Applied Muscle Testing (CHPPT31)

Learn about assessment and optimization of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and spine joints in a way that allows you to deliver more value to your clients.

Module 2: Advanced Periodization for Athletic Performance (CHPPT32)

Understand strength parameters for different sports, prescribing periodization models for powerlifting, weightlifting, MMA, combat sport, rugby, track and cycling athletes.

Module 3: Advanced Periodization for Physique Athletes (CHPPT33)

Establish physique requirements for different federations and categories and understand how to conduct post-comp optimization strategies based on your client.

Module 4: Advanced Body Part Specialization Techniques (CHPPT34)

Learn to prescribe advanced exercises to enhance all parts of the body including chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, quads, calves, posterior and abs.

Module 5: Program Design Peaking for Physique Shows & Photo-shoots (CHPPT35)

Understand how to peak the human body for optimal aesthetic outcomes through safe, effective plans covering carb loading and sodium and water manipulation.

Module 6: Building a Successful Fitness Business (CHPPT36)

Understand and prescribe marketing essentials for your fitness business, as well as how to systemize your operations and execute online coaching as a PT.

You’ll Get ALL of That Knowledge 👆 Alongside High-Quality Training From Some of The World’s Leading Fitness Experts When You Join The Performance PT Coach Complete Certification…

Our Learning Experience Is
Innovative & Informative!

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Clean Health Is One of The World’s Top Fitness Industry Educators

Here’s Why So Many Personal Trainers
Choose Our Courses…

More than anything, you need to feel as if your chosen program is going to ensure your success as a personal trainer for the long term. With Clean Health, you can feel comfortable and confident in your career in fitness and nutrition.

Advance beyond the base level of knowledge most courses provide and receive the tools and skills you need to become an industry-leading PT who adds real value to your clients through nutrition advice and coaching. 

Here’s Everything You’ll Have Access
to When You Enrol Today:

Pay Upfront & Save
USD $1,197.00
6 Monthly Installments
USD $239.00 / month
Total USD $1,434.00

* Please note Level 3 is currently in production and is on pre-sale.

Once You’re In, You’ll See All of These
Incredible Benefits & More!

So… Now’s The Time To Take a Moment
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If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of the above, The Performance PT Coach Complete Certification is the right course for you...

Imagine, In Just A Few Month’s Time, Having All The Knowledge You Need To Become A World-Leading Personal Trainer Or Optimise Your Own Personal Health...

In this complete program, we give you the advanced information and insight you need to become a successful personal trainer and a leader in the field of fitness

Are you ready to take the next step on the ladder in your fitness career?



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