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Layne Norton is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential health and fitness professionals. He is a PhD, bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, physique coach and overall academic powerhouse with his insightful, yet at times controversial communication style.  

As an educator, he has mentored over 10,000 personal trainers worldwide so rest assured, your learning experience will be like no other in this online nutrition certification.

So if you are serious about improving client results and scaling your fitness business, this is the nutrition course for you.

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The Leading Evidence-Based Nutrition Coach Certification

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Learn everything you need to know about nutrition in a way that helps people achieve their goals.

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Using the power of evidence-based nutrition coaching, create epic transformations with clients!

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Make a genuinely positive impact with your clients as you transform them from the inside out with nutrition.

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!

Become a Specialist PT & Provide Nutrition & Training Plans

Module 1: Macronutrient Fundamentals (TSN1)

Understand the metabolism of macronutrients, and how it impacts fat loss, hypertrophy, body recomposition and performance.

Module 2: Understanding Energy Balance (TSN2)

Learn the science of energy balance including calories in, calories out, maintenance and surplus. Build a detailed, evidence-based approach to prescribe calories for your clients.

Module 3: The Science of Fat Loss (TSN3)

Learn how to specifically prescribe diet plans for fat loss, when to refeed, when to diet break, and the science behind it all. 

Module 4: The Problem With Weight Loss (TSN4)

Unpack the problem of focusing solely on weight loss, despite what the mainstream media pushes. Learn the science-based approach to aid compliance.

Module 5: The Science of Reverse Dieting (TSN5)

Discover the science of reverse dieting along with a system you can apply to maximise your clients’ health and results long-term. 

Module 6: The Science of Behaviour Change (TSN6)

Gain a full understanding of how to positively impact the behaviour and beliefs of your clients and empower them to take their health into their own hands.

Module 7: The Fundamentals of Supplementation (TSN7)

Learn which supplements are actually evidence-based and can help your clients achieve their goals. Separate fact from fiction and provide accurate advice!

Module 8: Nutrient for Fat Loss (ANFL1)

Equip yourself with knowledge around the specific requirements needed for body fat, symmetry and more when it comes to different levels of professional athlete

Module 9: Advanced Nutritional Methodologies (ANFL2)

Discover how to design evidence based nutrition plans, including how to set calories, macros and nutrient timing and more specifically related to your clients.

Module 10: Training for Fat Loss (ANFL3)

Learn how to effectively coach clients and set realistic and measurable goals so that you can safely and effectively design programs that help them shed fat.

Module 11: Preparing Clients for Physique Contests (ANFL4)

Learn how to prep athletes for physique shows and understand your elite level client’s entire journey both on and off stage in a way that maximises fat loss.

Module 12: The Science of Peak Week (ANFL5)

Understand the ins and outs of peak week to ensure you can develop a repeatable, safe process for your athletes that ensures optimal performance on show day.

Module 13: Show Day Essentials (ANFL6)

Offer your client superior support by learning everything to do with show day, including pre-stage, on-stage, back-stage, nutrition, training and sportsmanship.

Module 14: The Art of Post-Competition Programming (ANFL7)

Learn about post-comp and how to avoid the dreaded rebound. Get a proven process to ensure clients maintain an amazing physique and don’t lose any gains.

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