Nutrition Coach

Level 1 - 2nd edition

The No 1 Online Evidence Based Nutrition Certification program for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

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Earns you 1.8 ceu’s


Nutrition Coach

Level 1 - 2nd edition

The No 1 Online Evidence Based Nutrition Certification program for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

This course is endorsed by

and Earns you 1.8 CEUS


Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 - 2nd Edition

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36 months

this course includes:

Who is it for

1. Are you looking to learn our industry leading nutritional programming methods based on the latest science and our experience of coaching over 250,000 personal training clients and more than 20,000 fitness professionals from around the world since 2008?

2. Are you looking to create world leading results with personal training clients and athletes for fat loss, hypertrophy, sports performance, well-being, and more?

3. Are you looking for a step-by-step system when it comes to designing diets for clients and athletes that you can apply again and again in a matter of minutes?

4. Are you looking to learn how to blend the science and practical application of nutrition to create safe, effective and results-based diets for clients from all walks of life from around the globe?

5. Are you wanting to get legally insured to design diets and prescribe nutrition plans but don’t have the time or money to invest in a university degree?

6. Are you looking to upskill yourself in the science of nutritional biochemistry and the interaction of protein, fats, carbs, and how they influence the body to maximize client results?

7. Are you struggling to understand the science and application of energy balance, reverse dieting and more to maximize client health, fat loss, and hypertrophy results in the short and long term?

8. Are you unsure which nutrition systems work best and when to apply them, including low carb, high carb, carb backloading, isocaloric, and IIFYM? Would you like to separate fact from fiction when it comes to fads?

9. Are you looking to understand the science and importance of micronutrients and how they not only influence our health at a cellular level but how they can either positively or negatively impact client health and performance?

10. Are you looking at taking your coaching business to the next level, by adding on another revenue silo, as a certified and insured performance nutrition coach, or if you are already a nutritionist, taking your skillset to the next level using our 5-step system for sales and business success?


The Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (PNC1) is designed to teach you the fundamentals of nutritional science, along with a step by step system when it comes to building a diet and nutrition plan for a client or athlete from the ground up. 

You will learn about the macronutrients, micronutrients and all the different nutritional systems out there in vogue today. This broad, in-depth knowledge will allow you to structure scientifically grounded nutrition plans for general population clients all the way through to elite athletes.  

Level 1 sets the stage so that you are proficient with key fundamental nutrition core principles and some advanced methodologies for dietary program design, as part of the progression into Performance Nutrition Coach Certification Level 2. 

In the level 1 you will learn how to build a nutrition coaching business from the ground up, ensuring that you get a financial return on your investment into this program as soon as possible. 

Dietary Insurance coverage for PT's

Thanks to iNutrition Pro, you can now get completely insured to provide diet and nutritional programs, without needing to go through the long and painful channels that are usually required.

Course Curriculum

With over 50 lessons spread out over 8 action-packed modules based on over 140 peer reviewed studies, our interactive and engaging online learning portal was designed to make your student education experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun! 

The modules covered in PNC1 are as follows: 

Module 1: The Obesity Epidemic (CHPNC11) 

Module 2: The Art of Nutrition Coaching (CHPNC12) 

Module 3: The Fundamentals of Macronutrients (CHPNC13) 

Module 4: Base Nutritional Program Design (CHPNC14) 

Module 5: Understanding Popular Nutrition Systems (CHPNC15) 

Module 6: The Art of Nutritional Periodization (CHPNC16) 

Module 7: Understanding Micronutrients (CHPNC17) 

Module 8: Building your Nutrition Coaching Business (CHPNC18) 

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Bonus Inclusions

As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach, you will join a global network of over 20,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

As a certified Performance Nutrition Coach you will receive the following bonus inclusions as part of this course:

1. Online support through our student support team to help you with your exams or anything else you need help with to complete this online course.

2. Exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute digital certificate that you can print to add to your office or gym set up, showcasing you being certified by the industry leaders!

3. Online registration to our global trainer directory, so that people in your local country can look up Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

4. Access to exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach offers, discounts and promos on our wide array of online courses, webinars and online offerings with industry leaders such as Sebastian Oreb, Layne Norton and more!

5. Access to our exclusive student group, where you get access to our world leading educators to help you on your journey within the fitness industry now and ongoing.

6. Downloadable nutrition and training templates that you can implement straight away to start coaching world leading results right now!

And much more!

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