Strength System


Level 3

By Sebastian Oreb
The Australian Strength Coach

Learn how the principles of strength training play out in real world case studies. 

Strength System

Certification Level 3

By Sebastian Oreb
The Australian Strength Coach

Learn how the principles of strength training play out in real world case studies. 


USD $59.50 / month for 6 months

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$129 usd $77.40 usd /month



USD $59.50 / month for 6 months

payment plan

$129 /month

$77.4 /month

course launches early august 2021

this course includes:

Who is it for

This course is for Personal Trainers and Coaches who want to be able to coach any strength athlete to their full potential. The knowledge and practical skills you will learn in this course will allow you to stand out as a strength training expert, broaden the clientele and athletes that you are able to work with, and accelerate the results of your existing clients.

Great coaches are developed over time and in the trenches, and this online course will set you up with the skills and knowledge that you can then apply to set you apart as an expert in your field. 


SSIC3 has been created to develop great coaches. Each module places a heavy focus on the practical application of the theoretical knowledge that was introduced in SSIC1 and SSIC2. It’s not just about WHAT you need to know, it’s about WHY you need to know it and HOW it can help the clients and athletes you are working with. 

You will learn how correct lifting technique applies to a selection of different lifters with varying body shapes and goals. You can see how the theory-heavy anatomy component of SSIC2 applies in the context of the weights room, as the anatomy models return to demonstrate a variety of strength exercises and show how the muscles coordinate to produce particular movements.

Correct bracing will also be covered, including the Strength System philosophies behind correct bracing, bracing cues, and some drills and techniques you can teach your clients. You will learn how to apply the principles of periodization and programming to successfully coach a variety of people with a diverse range of goals – including general population clients, athletes from a range of sports (both amateur and professional), strength and physique athletes, special populations and more. 

Course Curriculum

The modules covered in SSIC3 are as follows: 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Bracing

Module 3: Structurally Balanced Movement Assessment

Module 4: Lifting Technique for Different Athletes

Module 5: Programming for Different Populations

Module 6: Programming for Different Goals 

Module 7: Wrap Up

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Bonus Inclusions

As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach, you will join a global network of over 30,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

As a certified Performance Nutrition Coach you will receive the following bonus inclusions as part of this course:

1. Online support through our student support team to help you with your exams or anything else you need help with to complete this online course.

2. Exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute digital certificate that you can print to add to your office or gym set up, showcasing you being certified by the industry leaders!

3. Online registration to our global trainer directory, so that people in your local country can look up Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

4. Access to exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach offers, discounts and promos on our wide array of online courses, webinars and online offerings with industry leaders such as Sebastian Oreb, Layne Norton and more!

5. Access to our exclusive student group, where you get access to our world leading educators to help you on your journey within the fitness industry now and ongoing.

6. Downloadable nutrition and training templates that you can implement straight away to start coaching world leading results right now!

And much more!

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