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We want to give YOU the chance to master program design, training and trialed & tested systems needed to become an industry leading, elite transformation coach with our

Ultimate Program Design Bundle

We have taken the top two, world leading, fundamental and advanced program design certifications and combined them into an ALL INCLUSIVE programming bundle!


Who is this online course for?

  • Are you a personal trainer, athletic trainer or strength coach who wants to take your client's results to the next level, whether that is for fat loss, hypertrophy or athletic performance?
  • Are you looking to separate yourself from the pack and become equipped with advanced client assessment and programming methodologies to maximize results with all clients, from general population, physique athletes all the way up to Olympic medalists, in record time?
  • Are you  looking to get incredible results which will help grow your business faster than you could ever imagine, without any paid advertising?
  • Are you looking to learn and master a process for your training programming, from assessment to game day, that is repeatable, easy to use and will guarantee you a much higher level of client or athlete success than you currently have?
  • Are you unsure how to periodize and structure both short-and long-term program design for all levels of athletes, from a beginner 12 week fat loss and lifestyle change transformation, to a periodization plan and peak week for your clients and athletes for 12, 24, 48 week performance events?

If this sounds like you, then you are in luck

This online course combines the methods and systems of Fundamentals of Program Design and Advanced Program Design to give you EVERYTHING you need to coach all levels of clients, from beginners who want to achieve a life changing transformation, to elite athletes competing in world title championships!

Learn the systems, the fundamentals and essential step-by-step processes behind program design for all clients, all the way through to advanced programming and industry leading methods to identify the needs of clients down to their unique neurotype!


Check out what just a few of the thousands of students from around the world have had to say about both online courses!

What will you learn?


  • How to structure fat loss and body recomposition transformation programs to achieve world leading results in as little as 12 weeks
  • How you can turn yourself into a six-figure earning personal trainer in record time!
  • The fundamentals of nutrition, the importance of macronutrients and micronutrients and the physiology of fat loss for lasting results.
  • How to improve clients health and how to set up nutrition and training programs and lifestyle factors to maximize client results over a 12 week period.
  • How to periodize cardio & NEAT to optimize client well-being and results.


  • How to assess and categorize clients into particular profile groups, to pinpoint client nutrition, supplementation and training protocols to get results quickly, effectively and safely!
  • The science behind neurotransmitters (chemical messengers*) such as dopamine, acetyl choline, gaba, serotonin… and how they influence human behaviour, allowing you to maximize client’s results
  • How to structure and periodize programs for fat loss, strength, athletic performance & hypertrophy from exercise selection, rationale and exercise priority, to detailed programming examples and systems for both short-and long-term client goals, leading to life changing results!
  • How to optimize and refine nutrition for both advanced performance and well-being goals for all clients, from elite athletes to the general population! 

In summary, you will learn simple, yet effective systems you can implement with your athletes and general personal training clients straight away to start becoming the go-to strength coach or personal trainer in your local community and beyond!