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The Ultimate Education Bundle

The Ultimate Education Bundle



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Our bundle covers the fundamentals, all the way through to advanced and elite level education, designed by our global leading coaching team and some of the best coaches in the industry!

Each of our courses are backed by experience; Clean Health Fitness Institute alone has conducted over 250,000 personal training sessions and educated over 20,000 fitness professionals since 2008!


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As a part of your Ultimate Education Bundle, you will get the following certifications:

Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 

Science of Nutrition 

Training the Physique Athlete

Fundamentals of Program Design

Advanced Program Design

Strength System International Certification Level 1


As a part of your Ultimate Education Bundle, you will get access to the following courses:

Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1

This is our most highly sought-after certification! Learn the systems and methods formulated through real world experience and the latest academia, designed by our global leading team to design specific diets for all clients so you can maximize results with fat loss, hypertrophy, body composition and more! This course provides all of the knowledge you need to achieve incredible results through your nutrition coaching, giving you our scientifically grounded HOW TO systems so you can increase your revenue and boost your business, whilst mastering nutrition coaching with all levels of clients.

The Science of Nutrition

The Science of Nutrition offers further insight into nutrition with scientific and evidence based systems used by world leading nutritionist and personal trainer Dr Layne Norton. You will go deep into the science behind energy balance and how complicated it really is, as well as covering how to achieve LASTING fat loss, muscle gain, reverse dieting and lifestyle change results. This course provides further knowledge into the science of nutrition, dispelling common myths in the industry & teaching you to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition, supplementation and energy balance. You will be given the systems used by Layne Norton to maximize client’s results, and learn how to prescribe specific diet plans for fat loss, hypertrophy & body recomposition goals!


Training the Physique Athlete

Become a specialist coach and take your client transformations to an elite level! This course will allow you to train athletes for physique competitions or to use the methods implemented by Dr Layne Norton, to achieve incredible physique transformations with your clients. You will learn how to take a client from the initial consult, to a stage-ready & CHAMPION level physique through detailed protocols around training volume and auto-regulation, you will learn to design evidence based training programs to maximize hypertrophy, overall body symmetry and fat loss and will learn which supplements, and what strategies, work best to achieve maximal results

Fundamentals of Program Design

Learn how to achieve incredible body transformation results with the methods and systems used by world leading transformation specialists! This course teaches you how to structure fat loss and body recomposition programs from the fundamentals of training and nutrition programming, importance of macro and micronutrients and fat loss physiology through to long term periodization of training, nutrition, cardio & NEAT and essential knowledge to turn yourself into a six-figure earning personal trainer!

Advanced Program Design

This course takes body transformations to a new level and allows you to coach all clients from beginners to elite athletes in a variety of competitive sports. You will learn how to assess and categorize clients to individualize training and nutrition programming based on specific profile groups and neurotypes. You will be given in-depth knowledge into the science of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) and will be given the step-by-step systems to periodize long and short term programs for fat loss, strength, hypertrophy & athletic performance!

Strength System International Certification Level 1

Take your coaching to a more practical level and learn the methods used to train the strongest man in the world! You will learn to lift, and train, pain free. Clean Health Fitness Institute have partnered with The Australian Strength Coach to bring you the Strength System International Certification, taken from Sebastian Oreb’s sell-out face-to-face course, now 100% online. You will learn the training and nutrition principles used to coach athletes for a variety of competitive sports at an elite level, learn to master the primary lifts safely and effectively and will learn how to apply the science and fundamentals of training and nutrition program design to maximize performance and results!

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As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach, you will join a global network of over 20,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

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Personal trainers, strength coaches or nutritionists who need a step by step scientific approach to help coach their clients and athletes to higher levels of results than ever before.

Yes of course you can! About 10% of our overall students are people who are studying or learning for their own personal development and fitness knowledge. Having some prior knowledge of health and fitness does help, however everyone has to start somewhere!

This course is delivered via a combination of interactive videos, slides and textbook. The average student takes approximately 10-16 hours to complete this course. It would be considered a two day event if this was done in person.

Access to the courses last 12 months with content being downloadable for unlimited viewing.

They are true or false and increase in difficulty as you progress through the course.

You cannot progress through each module unless you pass all the questions with a perfect score. Other online providers are not as high, but our point of difference is we are looking for quality first.

Our objective is to build industry leading personal trainers and coaches, so you don’t pass you don’t proceed, however you are given an unlimited amount of chances to pass so don’t worry if you fail the first time, you can make it up with more study and / or contacting our student support team!

Yes you sure do, you also get added to our global trainer directory of Clean Health Fitness Institute certified personal trainers and coaches, the world’s leading fitness professionals!

As mentioned above, you are given an unlimited opportunity to redo the online exam, so don’t stress if you don’t pass straight away. Our online student support team is there to help guide you to success!

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We have tried to have this course accredited with as many global governing bodies as possible, however sometimes due to the information that some require we have not chosen to proceed. Our current international partners include:

  • AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine

With many more partnerships currently underway, so that you are able to maintain your CEU’s or CEC’s where relevant. 

In summary however, our mindset is success leaves clues, so even if this is not registered with your own local governing body this should not stop you from learning.

Follow the knowledge, not the badge!