Program Design Mastery

Results Based Design Course for Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches & Athletic Trainers!

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Earns you 1.1 ceu’s


Design Mastery

Results Based Design Course for Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches & Athletic Trainers!

This course is endorsed by

and Earns you 1.1 CEUS


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USD $267.30

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this course includes:

  • 7 Modules

  • 50+

  • 12 months course Access

  • On Demand Lessons

  • 100% Online Exams

  • 7 Modules

  • 50+ Lessons

  • 12 months course Access

  • On Demand Video Lessons

  • 100% Online Exams

Who is it for

1. Are you a personal trainer, athletic trainer, or strength coach who wants to take your client and athlete results to the extreme level, whether for fat loss, hypertrophy or athletic performance?

2. Are you looking to separate yourself from the pack and become equipped with advanced client assessment and programming methodologies to maximise results with general population clients, physique athletes all the way up to Olympic medallists, in record time?

3. Are you looking to get such amazing results that your business will organically grow faster than you could ever imagine without any paid advertising?

4. Are you looking to learn a process, from assessment to game day that is repeatable, easy to use and will guarantee you a much higher level of client and athlete success than you currently have?

5. Are you unsure how to periodise and structure both short and long-term program design to peak your clients and athletes for 12, 24, 48 week, and performance events in all different sports and goals?


Program Design Mastery was designed by world leading transformation specialist and industry leading strength coach Christian Thibaudeau, alongside the Clean Health Fitness Institute.

As such, it is THE online course if you want to learn a tried and tested system for achieving world-leading performance and body recomposition for all clients, from the general population, all the way to Olympic medallists!

This course is designed to give you a simple process you can use from the very first consult with your client, that will guarantee success with the majority of clients you work with.

So, whether your client is preparing for the IFBB Olympia, weightlifting at the Olympics, or simply a corporate weekend warrior, you’ll learn a step-by-step system that will allow you to improve performance and change the life of every client and athlete that you work with!

Course Curriculum

With over 50 lessons spread out over 7 action-packed modules, based on over 100 peer-reviewed studies, our interactive and engaging online learning portal is designed to make your student education experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun!

The modules covered in PDM are as follows: 

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Neurobiology (PDM1)

Module 2: Assessing The 5 Client Neurotypes (PDM2)

Module 3: Training and Assessment Principles (PDM3)

Module 4:  How to Train the 5 Neurotypes (PDM4)

Module 5: Neurotype Training for Hypertrophy (PDM5)

Module 6:  Neurotype Training for Strength (PDM6)

Module 7: Nutrition – Feeding Each Neurotype (PDM7)

Combined, these modules will truly take your skillset as a personal trainer to new heights, allowing you to make a lifelong change and positive impact on your clients’ training goals no matter the trainee age or demographic!

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Bonus Inclusions

As a Clean Health Institute certified coach, you will join a global network of over 30,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

As a certified Performance Nutrition Coach you will receive the following bonus inclusions as part of this course:

1. Online support through our student support team to help you with your exams or anything else you need help with to complete this online course.

2. Exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute digital certificate that you can print to add to your office or gym set up, showcasing you being certified by the industry leaders!

3. Online registration to our global trainer directory, so that people in your local country can look up Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

4. Access to exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach offers, discounts and promos on our wide array of online courses, webinars and online offerings with industry leaders such as Sebastian Oreb, Layne Norton and more!

5. Access to our exclusive student group, where you get access to our world leading educators to help you on your journey within the fitness industry now and ongoing.

6. Downloadable nutrition and training templates that you can implement straight away to start coaching world leading results right now!

And much more!

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