Specific nutritional system for Gen Pop clients?

By Mark Carroll

Is there a specific nutritional system for Gen Pop clients? The simple answer is no.

Basically, when it comes down to fat loss, it comes down to calories, so calories are king!

When I’m setting the macronutrients for my clients, the simplest thing is:

  • Set calories first

Rate of body composition change always comes down to your energy balance or your calorie deficit, not so much your macronutrients.

  • Have a protein target

Protein is our most crucial macronutrient for success with body composition.

  • Then have the carbs and fats

Essentially, the way I do it is I find out what my clients like.  If my client prefers eating more fats, they’ll generally eat more fats.  If my client prefers eating more carbs, guess what, they’ll eat more carbs!

It doesn’t have to be such a strict system where if you’re overweight you have to have keto.  So if you like keto, do keto, but generally, I try to shy away from keto.

The reason why I don’t like the ketogenic diet, number one, I don’t think it’s optimal for performance, and number two, it’s highly restrictive.  So when we’re talking gen pop clients, we want to set nutritional plans that are achievable. The more achievable they are, the more likely they comply with that nutritional structure.  Watch this video:

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Yours in health,

Mark Carroll,

Global Head of Education

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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