Sue Norley – Personal Training*

Medical Practice Manager

I started training with Claudine when my previous trainer moved out of the area. At nearly 60 years of age, my goals were fat loss and to avoid osteoporosis. I had been a regular participant in her group exercise classes, and felt she would be a good choice to train with. I was in for a shock! Previously I was used to doing lots of aerobic exercise in a training session however with her it was all weight training based. However, I still managed to build up a sweat and felt exhausted at the end of each session.

Over the two years since, I can definitely feel the change in my body shape. Great arms, a much more toned body and a drop in dress size. As a 60 year old another added bonus is that I have heaps of energy. Claudine is always encouraging and gets the most out of me, I can’t recommend her enough!

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