Tip 4 – Want to hypertrophy the arms? Give this routine a go during your next workout!

Everyone wants big guns – well guys at least! So I figured I would share this routine with my readers. Okay so to break it down for you…

Training Phase: Accumulation

Training Goal: Non-Functional Hypertrophy (i.e; best used for bodybuilders or anyone looking to put on size they don’t need to use)

Method: Drop Sets (So rest 10 seconds between the first two drop sets and then 90 seconds before going on to the next exercise)

Rep Range: 4-6 reps

Sets: 3 of each pair

The workout

A1. 45 Degree Incline Thick DB Zottman Curls: 6-6-6 @ 4010

A2. Bar Tricep Dips: 6-6-6 @ 4010

B1. Standing Thick BB Curl: 6-6-6 @ 4010

B2. Standing Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown: 6-6-6 @ 4010

Below Clean Health athlete and 2010 2nd Place INBA Mr NSW Rawdon Dubios in the middle of this workout. We are using it to bring his arms up during the off-season.

Like any routine you should only do it 4-6 times before you change the program. Anyway go try it out and reap the rewards,


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