Warren Kensett-Smith – Personal Training*

Financial Controller

As a 50+ man who had not involved my self in serious exercise for a long time I started my program with Claudine with a lot of apprehension. Over the past 12 months she has worked with me by developing program’s which suited my ability and level of fitness. Her focus has been to push me to my limits but this has always been done in a safe and supportive environment. Our 45 minute sessions have been taxing but Claudine has always made them enjoyable and I have always felt like she has been working with me not instructing me what to do. She has always been client focused and takes pride in seeing how her clients progress.

In an industry which has trainers of varying standards Claudine is always working on improving hers so that she can provide the best services for her clients which is a sign of the true professional she is. Outside of sessions Claudine is always providing her clients with information which may help in other parts of their fitness schedules; diet, foods, exercises, supplements and other general health facts.

Claudine is a professional trainer who does put the personal in personal trainer. For whatever your level of ability and fitness Claudine will help you and I have no hesitation in recommending her skills to you.

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