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Clean Health goes a step beyond other registered training organisations and gives you all the tools you need to learn more about fitness and start your own successful career in the industry. Everything we do is based on years of learned experience and scientific evidence, with our programs designed and run by the world’s best trainers!

Education For The Fitness Industry Done Differently

We’ve seen first hand how other course providers in the fitness space just deliver the bare minimum qualifications. Sure, you get your piece of paper at the end of your program, but you won’t know how to truly thrive in a highly competitive industry.

Our online courses cover all areas of health and nutrition and actually set you up for success as a fitness professional. We draw on our expertise in the fitness industry to offer additional training and hands-on support that helps you stand out from the crowd and deliver truly life-changing transformations for your clients.

That’s just one of the MANY reasons why people choose Clean Health…

We’re run by fitness industry experts

Inside our courses, you get access to the brightest minds in the fitness space

We offer courses that are 100% online

Our programs can be done from home, in line with your current schedule.

We’ve launched thousands of PT careers

We’ve certified 30,000+ personal trainers and fitness professionals in 80 countries

We help you follow your passion

You’re able to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable, long-term career

Clean Health’s Mission Is To Prepare You For A Successful Fitness Career By Delivering Superior Training & Additional Support

We started as Australia’s leading gyms. It is the focus on learning and knowledge that has allowed Clean Health to deliver world-leading transformations for our students (and their clients). We give everyone the opportunity to complete high-quality fitness education and launch their own career in the industry.

Today, Clean Health is one of the world’s leading online fitness educators, sharing over 20 years of knowledge with more than 30,000 students in 80 countries. Our range of online, easy-to-access courses are developed and created by the very best in the industry, across nutrition, sports science, and strength and conditioning.

But You Don’t Get Results Overnight!

Here’s The Full Story…


Clean Health starts to achieve some impressive client results. Our founder, Daine McDonald appears on Mornings with Kerri-Anne on Channel 9, Biggest Loser DVD, Oxygen Magazine and more, before opening his first internship for PTs.


Clean Health is founded by Daine McDonald out of Fitness First St Leonards in Sydney. In 2008, the company is simply a gym with a commitment to hiring the world’s best PTs to help its clients get truly life-changing results.


Clean Health decides to shut down services within 3 sites and consolidate into one commercial gym site. The Clean Health Performance Centre in Sydney would become one of the most well known gyms for client transformations in the world.


Demand is through the roof – so Clean Health hires the first of 4 staff in January. By the end of the year, the company has 15 staff doing 250 PT sessions per week across 3 different commercial gym sites within Fitness First and Anytime Fitness!


After hosting its first official trainer internship programs, Clean Health launches Performance Nutrition Coach (PNC) and Performance PT Coach (PPT) certifications based on the methods used across training and nutrition in Clean Health gyms.


Clean Health facilitates 25,000+ PT sessions in one year and grows to 25 staff. The company hosts workshops with world industry leaders like Phil Learney, Charles Poliquin, Milos Sarcev, Ben Pakulski, Dr Mark Schauss, Dr Bob Rakowski and more.


Clean Health becomes a government accredited organisation (RTO), moving to an 11,000sqm site housing a state-of-the-art gym, student lounge and workout shake bar. It delivers an exclusive workshop to hundreds of students alongside Filex.


Serious growth! Clean Health appears in the Daily Telegraph, GQ magazine and teaches more than 50 workshops in the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Canada, NZ, Sweden, Finland and Australia – all while opening two new gym sites.


New partnerships are formed with industry experts Dr Layne Norton, Christian Thibaudeau and Mark Carroll, as Clean Health offers teaching online for the first time. For now, it’s still running in-person workshops and facilitating PT sessions at HQ.


Clean Health facilitates its first workshops in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The company expands its workshops around Australia, announcing an exciting partnership with student WBFF Bikini Pro World Champion Lauren Simpson.


Today, Clean Health has educated 30,000+ students across the world. The company has launched a partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), expanding its online education product portfolio to more than 25 different courses.


By 2020, Clean Health is a 100% online learning platform! The company shuts down other business components to focus on development of PTs across the world, launching partnerships with industry legends Dr Bill Campbell and Sebastian Oreb.

Speak To One Of The Clean Health Team To Learn More About What We Offer & How We Can Help You On Your Fitness Journey

Clean Health delivers the latest in evidence-based health and fitness education to students everywhere. You can have a chat with one of our experts to find out more about our courses and how they help you embrace your passion for fitness – or learn about our further education products to enhance your current offer.

We can help you embrace your passion for fitness – whether
you’re serious about starting a career in the industry or
just want to do more of what you love.