By Manny Laris
online nutrition coaching

3 Tips for Successful Online Nutrition Coaching

These days it seems everyone is an ‘expert’ when it comes to nutrition. Are you a real expert or just faking your nutrition knowledge? And then, even if you’re up-to-date on the nutrition front, not all personal trainers make it in the online world…. they are just not equipped to become successful at online nutrition coaching.  

So, what will it take to maximise your chances of success in online Nutrition Coaching?  

1. Collect amazing detail at the initial consultation 

As a world leader (yes, that’s right, aim for the top) in online nutrition coaching, you will need to have an intimate understanding of your client’s eating patterns and food intake. Most people know what’s healthy and unhealthy – they are often not ‘lacking knowledge’. So why do they seek the help of a Nutrition coach? It comes down to behaviour. Instinctively, everyone who hires a coach to help them make a change in their life recognises they need to change their behaviour in some way. They need new habits.  

So, at the initial consultation you will need to dig deep to explore the factors holding your client back. You need to know where the temptations that will take them off track are.  

Be the food detective in your client’s life!  

So, what should you be on the lookout for? In our Online Nutrition Course, we teach the “ABCDEF” method of client assessment. That’s short for: 

  1. Anthropometric assessment
  2. Biochemical assessment
  3. Clinical assessment
  4. Dietary assessment
  5. Exercise assessment
  6. Fotos(Photos) 

We will cover these steps in another article but this gives you a snapshot of the ‘Clean Health Fitness Institute’ way of doing things….and it plays a big part in why we have been so successful at training trainers!    

2. You must track results through a bio-feedback system! 

At Clean Health Fitness Institute, we like to track all the key markers of physical and mental health. This tracking system includes five sections. 

  1. Physicalmeasurements:body fat percentage, weight, girth measurements or dress size depending on the client’s SMART goals. 
  2. Lifestyle:these include energy, stress,libido and sleep.
  3. Nutrition:ourfocus here is on compliance and how the client is handling the nutrition plan we’re giving them. 
  4. Training:client enthusiasm, energy levels and compliance to steps targets.
  5. Clientfeedback: we encourage our clients to share their feedback in a dedicated comments section.

3. Use a compliance system 

At Clean Health Fitness Institute, we have a 54-step compliance method that we implement with our coaches. That’s right, 54 steps.  

Every week of a twelve-week program, our coaches have clear expectations of their clients, from completing bio-feedback on time to regular email contacts. It’s so important to check-in with your clients – and not just behind an app. Call them! Email them! Get subjective feedback and take regular progress photos. Don’t lose the human touch!   

Avoid automating every system in your business to the point of losing that human touch!  

Coach and empower your client!  

Never assume that what works for you will work for your clients. Yes, there are some fixed rules that just don’t change, such as that negative energy balance induces fat loss. But it does not follow that each person needs to follow the same pattern or behaviour to induce that caloric deficit. You still need to contextualise the program to suit your client! 

Find biological differences between your clients so you can contextualise the plan!  

As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified Performance Nutrition Coach, you will have all of the knowledge you need to confidently build customised nutrition plans catering to a variety of client needs and constraints. Practicing these skills daily is the key to unlocking success for your clients and for your online nutrition coaching business.