Clean Health Announces Exclusive Partnership with Be Inspired Management Group to Develop Expert Personal Trainers

November 5th, 2022, 12:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, Sydney, Australia.

Clean Health, the trusted source of fitness education for personal trainers worldwide, has formed an exclusive partnership with Be Inspired Fitness and Coaching, Australia’s fastest-growing personal training and gym management organisation.  

With over 60 locations across Australia-wide across Anytime Fitness, BFT, F45, Snap Fitness and Plus Fitness, the partnership will provide Be Inspired clients direct access to Clean Health’s government-accredited Certificates III & IV in Fitness and Master Personal Trainer qualifications, allowing them to get qualified as personal trainers.

The partnership will also provide all Be Inspired personal training staff with ongoing career development through its cutting-edge continuing education fitness certifications in training, business, and nutrition, along with exclusive monthly workshops.

“We’re excited to partner with Be Inspired, which has the leading personal training gym services management business Australia-wide, with over 400 personal trainers nationally in their team,” said Daine McDonald, Founder & CEO of Clean Health.

“By providing recruitment pathways for new personal trainers through their member clubs and giving existing coaching staff access to over 20 continuing education certifications, Be Inspired is poised to provide new results for clients nationally”.

James Hunt, Group Managing Director of Be Inspired, said, “The attraction and retention of personal trainers is a major focus and challenge for the fitness industry right now and will only escalate over the next few years, making our partnership with Clean Health extremely valuable to our members in terms of their results and consistency of coaching, but also our staff, giving them access to cutting edge education to enhance their career opportunities”.

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About Clean Health: Founded in 2008, Clean Health is the trusted source of results-based online fitness education for personal trainers worldwide. Providing government-accredited initial personal trainer qualifications and continuing education programs, they’ve certified over 60,000 fitness professionals in over 40 countries.

Clean Health offers online courses and live event workshops in nutrition, training and business and has exclusive partnerships with world-leading fitness industry experts and brands, like Layne Norton PhD, Sebastian Oreb, Pure Fitness, BFT, Fitness First, EMF Fitness Centres, and more.

About Be Inspired: Founded in 2010, it is a national third-party management organisation focusing on complete business outsourcing for gyms and fitness centres.

With over 60 locations Australia-wide, they work directly with many of the biggest franchise gym chains, such as Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, Plus Fitness, BFT and F45, and independent gyms and studios.

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