Fat Loss Video For Hamstrings with IFBB Bikini Competitor Sally Matterson

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Okay, today we have IFBB Bikini competitor and Clean Health athlete Sally Matterson being taken through a fat loss workout designed purely for her posterior chain… so her hamstrings and glutes.

It was her second legs workout of the day; the earlier one consisted of lower reps, more sets and longer rest periods. The one you see here was based on the equipment selection in the gym Clean Health Director Daine McDonald is taking her through. The workout is as follows:

A1: High Handle Trap Bar Deadlift From Small Blocks: 8-10 reps @ 31X0 tempo

A2: Lying Hamstring Curl w/ Heels Together & Toes Turned Out: 6-8 reps @ 30X0 tempo

A3: Snatch Grip Deadlift From Floor: 4-6 reps @ 5050 tempo

A4: Seated Hamstring Curl 3 Foot Angles: 8-8-8 @ Various tempos

A5: Standing Narrow Stance Good Morning: 10-12 reps @ 30X0 tempo

A6: Standing BB Romanian Deadlift: 12-15 reps @ 20X0 tempo

A7: Standing BB Step Up: 12-15 reps per leg @ 11X0 tempo


  • Even though she can deadlift from the floor no problems, we had her A1 slightly elevated so as to lessen overall strain on her lower back which takes quite a beating in this workout
  • You rest for 120 seconds at the end of A7 and then repeat for 5 sets
  • Try and maintain a 5050 tempo on the snatch grip, in the video here she was fried so was not able to maintain. When that happens drop the load
  • Make sure you place an emphasis with these movements on pushing up through the heel and contracting the glutes. Remember the muscles you are working!

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