By Stefan Ianev
Clean Health Head of Research & Development


What Sets the Clean Health Education Experience Apart?

There is no shortage of health and fitness education providers around, both in the accredited and non-accredited space. 

Which raises the question: how do you choose the right one for you with so many options available? Maybe you have seen our courses around but aren’t sure how it is different compared to the other stuff that is out there. 

In this article, we highlight some of the things that set Clean Health apart from other educational providers. 

We have coached over 250,000 PT sessions

Before we became a fitness education provider, we operated two gyms and there were times where we were servicing over 500 personal sessions a week across more than 30 personal trainers.

Not only that, but we have produced champions and record holders across different sports. In addition, all our coaches, both past and present, not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk. 

That means all the methods and systems that we teach in our courses have been tried and tested, and refined over and over through real-world, in the trenches experience with clients and with ourselves.  

We have educated over 30,000 personal trainers globally 

We have been educating personal trainers globally since 2014, even before we became an accredited education provider. That is because even way back then, we were well known for producing industry leading results, and whenever we ran a course, we would sell out in days. 

In fact, there was a point before we transitioned to being fully online, where we were running courses across Australia twice a month, and internationally at least 1-2 times per year – and all those courses were sold out.   

This means we not only have experience in working with real-word clients, but we also have experience in working with students. As a result, we have refined our curriculum over time to make it more practical, and digestible for students. 

Everything we teach, even the most in-depth physiology, has a practical outcome and a take home point that we want students to walk away with. We’ve sat through and attended those courses before, where you learn a whole bunch of science and physiology with no real world or practical outcome – and that is not what we are about.  

We have partnerships with industry leaders

Whether it is our affiliation with Dr Layne Norton, Sebastian Oreb AKA The Australian Strength Coach, or our close association and relationship with NASM, being the exclusive partners for NASM in Australia.

We have access to some of the top industry minds and resources, in addition to our industry leading team of in-house experts.

That means we are highly diversified in what we teach, and we are right up-to-date and across all the most current research and literature. We believe that by collaborating with other industry experts and organisations, we are able to expand our core offerings and enhance the quality of our content!