Tip 5: Can’t lean out your legs? Check out EWG.ORG to rank the toxic profile of your skincare products

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Clean Health client Sally Matterson has limited amounts of Xeno-estrogens floating around her body as evidenced by her extremely lean legs!

Tip 5: Can”t lean out your legs? Check out EWG.ORG to rank the toxic profile of your skincare products

So do you train well, eat smart and STILL find it hard to have lean legs? One of the first things I do with clients who suffer from excessive fat storage on their legs – in particular females – is get them to visit ewg.org which is a website that provides consumers information on the quality and toxic load of the products that we use every single day. Makeup, shampoos, perfume etc.

Believe it or not more often that not these products could be the culprit”s here disrupting your endocrine system and causing you to store more xeno-estrogens daily. Xeno (foreign) estrogens are far more harmful than natural estrogens and will amongst other things impede your ability to detoxify effectively and potentially lead to excessive fat accumulation on your lower limbs. Poliquin Coach and fellow BioSignature Practitioner Mark Ottobre wrote a good article on the harmful effects of xeno-estrogens a few month back here:

So what can you do about it? Visit: EWG.ORG – to look up and score the toxicity levels of the products you are using. It”s simple, free and could be the thing holding you back from having lean legs!

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