Evidence-based reverse dieting for personal trainers
by Layne norton, phd

The ultimate online nutrition course to unlock the science of reverse dieting to transform your clients!

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Access The #no1 Reverse Diet System to Help you Achieve Pro Level Results with ANY client!

Designed by the world-renowned nutritionist, pro natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, Dr Layne Norton, this online course will give you all the tools you need to become an expert personal trainer. 

Don’t wait years to become known as an industry leader, level up your coaching skills today and create epic results for your clients!

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What You'll Learn in the Online Nutrition Course...

Become a nutrition coach

You’ll learn how to prescribe reverse diets to clients from all backgrounds and goals, in a safe and systematic manner that gets results.

Scale your fitness business

Start getting results on auto-repeat and develop a reputation that exceeds your local area, allowing you to attract clients globally!

Create epic transformations

Start achieving epic fat loss, muscle building and elite-level physique results using the power of evidence-based nutrition

Make an impact in this world

Make a genuinely positive impact on your clients. Watch their transformation and know that you played a huge part in their success!

If you’re looking to achieve all of this and more, you’re in the right place!


Evidenced-Based Reverse Dieting for Personal Trainers

The Leading Online Nutrition Course

The course teaches you how to set up results-based diets with your clients to achieve life-changing transformations on auto-repeat!

Ready to Transform your Career? You'll Learn 🎓

Module 1: Introduction to reverse dieting

The what, why and how to coach reverse diets.


The science behind reverse dieting.

Module 3: biolayne 5-step reverse diet system

Layne’s unique system, used to coach 10,000+ clients.

Module 4: the science of compliance

How to coach compliance to optimise transformations!

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