Tip 6: Use a magnesium supplement post-workout to decrease cortisol metabolism and enhance fat loss!

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Tip 6: Use a magnesium supplement post-workout to decrease cortisol metabolism and enhance fat loss!

Less cortisol post workout equals a more anabolic environment for your body to be in, therefore your chances of building lean muscle and losing body fat in record time will be increased. As far back as 1984 (1) this has been documented yet it has only been in recent years that it’s use in this context has become more widespread.

Red blood cell magnesium is one of the first blood markers I look at when I get a new client in for a consultation as I know how much of an important role it will play in regards to changing their body composition or improving their strength gains in the gym.

When it comes to Magensium I only recommend the Poliquin brand as it provides magnesium chelates – not salts – which are used in most over the shelf magensium products such as Blackmores etc here in Australia. Magnesium salts are not absorbed well or retained in our tissues and are a waste of time. Apart from the quality issue, this brand provides different types of magensium chelates ensuring a quicker and more complete restoration of ones magensium levels which is a common problem with most common over the counter brands of Magnesium.

For more information on magnesium or to order some visit our online store or contact us today.

1. Golf SW, Happel O. Plasma aldosterone, cortisol and electrolyte concentrations in physical exercise after magnesium supplementation. J Clin Chem Clin Biochem. 1984 Nov;22(11):717-21

2. Poliquin, C. BioSignature Modulation Course Materials. 2001-2010

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